AEC Leadership Summit 2022

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Opening Keynote and Panel: Intelligent Data Management in AEC

The event kicks off examining how intelligent data management is reshaping the AEC industry, accelerating firms' ability to be more effective and efficient, increase profits and reduce risk. We'll unveil Egnyte's latest purpose-built data management solutions for AEC, examine the rising use of metadata and common data exchanges and talk to three industry veterans about business transformation through intelligent data management practices.

Ronen Vengosh
VP AEC and Business Development
Nathan Wood
Executive Director
Marti Smith
Senior Director, Information Technology
Rob Sloyer
VP Innovation & Strategic Services

Crosswalk: The Role of Data Lineage in Building User Trust in Data

Contractors across the industry are looking to adopt data-driven processes and leverage data-centric tools, from analytics, to dashboards and AI-enabled software. But adoption is often slowed by a lack of trust in the data. Proper data governance, and specifically understanding and communicating the origin and history of given datasets, is a critical component of building this trust. Join this session to learn how you can establish the right practices to manage and communicate data linage, building the foundation for the next set of data driven technologies.

Hugh Seaton
General Manager
Bryant Donnowitz
Engagement Manager, AEC Industry

Dado and Fisk Electric: Challenges of Documentation in the AEC Industry

Margins are tight in construction. You can’t afford to have your team spending their time navigating project information or administering documents. Join our partner Dado, and Fisk Electric for a conversation on how they work together with Egnyte to ensure documentation control is done properly.

Sandra Dauphinais
Sr Document Control
Michael Jones
Director of Customer Experience

Egnyte Education: Data Management Practices that Reduce Costs and Speed Delivery

Not being able to find and access the data you need significantly slows down projects and increases costs. But the true cost of poor data management far exceeds the hours wasted and unnecessary use of material. Join the Egnyte Business Value Assessment team to discuss their analysis of hundreds of AEC firms, and the 3 most common areas where poor data management is driving up expenses. Learn how to identify areas for improvement that can be implemented to measurably reduce expenses and speed project delivery.

Karl Becker
Nick Decker
Sr Manager

RAMA IS Customer Story - How BIM Projects Benefit from Intelligent Management of Large Data Sets

Successful capital projects often depend on the effectiveness of managing data associated with BIM. Accessing, editing and collaborating on large digital files, if not done properly, can have negative impacts on project delivery and team member satisfaction.  Join this session to hear lessons learned about managing large digital data sets, which allows firms to operate more efficiently and drive better project outcomes.

Kevin Soohoo
Deniz Pehlivan
BIM Manager
Muge Sumerol
Founding partner

Customer Story: How to Deliver Faster and Cheaper Projects - A Project Manager's View

While team collaboration is a critical success factor for any project, accessing large files such as drone videos, 360 images, and digital drawings from remote sites can be extremely frustrating and result in delays and rework. If you are a Project Manager looking for ways to deliver faster and cheaper projects, join this session to learn ways to provide access to the latest project documentation, no matter location.

Kevin Leatham
Product Manager
Ben Townsend
Division Manager / Senior Engineer

Designed Better – Architecture Firms Tap the Best Talent by Transitioning to a Remote Workforce with Egnyte

Gone are the days when your team can all be in a conference room, collaborating and iterating in real-time on the latest designs. While real-time collaboration is still happening, the mode for which it’s happening is no longer face to face, its screen to screen. Join us as we look at the challenges and sucesses that have enabled high performance work to still happen despite all that’s changed.

Duygu Yenerim
Practice Technology Director
Rob Klarner
IT Manager
Matthew Birk
Michael Calkins

Enhancing your Data Management Using Egnyte APIs and Custom Development

The Egnyte platform provides complete data storage, collaboration and protection capabilities ‘out of the box’. However, some companies may have unique data management requirements or needs that Egnyte doesn’t cover. These organizations can leverage Egnyte’s customizable platform, robust API, and Custom Development Team to automate data management tasks, saving them valuable time and money. Join Egnyte Professional Services Manager Jan Sandorski to learn about real-life examples of how AEC customers have leveraged the Egnyte platform for custom development, and get inspired for how Egnyte can help you take your Egnyte solution to the next level.

Dominic Silvia
Manager, Industry Solutions Management
Jan Sandorski
Manager, Professional Services

LA Creative Customer Story: Why We Ditched The Office (and our Clunky Desktops) and Never Looked Back

The move to a hybrid working environment was particularly disruptive to the AEC industry as the lines between "in the office" and "out of the office" became blurred. While many firms struggled to make the switch, LA Creative was helping their clients make a smooth transition to this new way of working. Learn how one AEC firm made the switch from on-premise storage and dated desktops to Egnyte cloud accessed on laptops anywhere in the world.

Josh Weiss
President & Founder
Nick Decker
Sr Manager

Security Fanatics Use Case: Preparing for CMMC 2.0

The expected increase in infrastructure spending has the potential to be a huge boon for the industry, and there is a good chance that CMMC 2.0 regulations will impact the opportunities you can bid on. Get the latest insight in what AEC firms are doing to ready themselves for CMMC 2.0 and the steps you can take to prepare your firm.

Kris Lahiri
Nick Espinosa
Chief Security Fanatic
Charles Riordan
Platform Compliance SME
Neil Jones

How Reducing Data Risk Makes Good Dollars and Sense

Data management is a challenge for the entire construction industry. There are tremendous insights in our data just waiting to be unlocked, but not having the right data management within your own organization is a missed opportunity – one that can affect risk to people, projects, and profits. Join our panel of experts as they examine the impact that data has on an AEC firm's overall risk profile and provide steps to minimize the impact to your bottom line.

Rose Hall
VP, Head of Construction Innovation
Chris Greene
AVP, Director of Analytics
Chris Palmer
Senior Manager, Advanced Technology Services
Kevin Soohoo

Autodesk: AEC, IpaaS and improving workflows

Join a discussion between Egnyte and partner Autodesk to talk about IpaaS and integrated workflows that can be a game changer. We will address the flexibility of the integration between Egnyte and Autodesk and how intelligent workflows let customers map the integration to their processes rather than the other way around. SME's from both Egnyte and Autodesk will demo and discuss the countless opportunities to customize workflows so they work best fit your needs.

Alice Adelman
Michael Calkins

Schnabel Engineering: What it Takes to Win Government Projects

The passing of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act in November of 2021 is expected to result in an explosion of new government projects. But working with federal contractors is not as easy as it looks, especially as the government has instituted a set of more rigorous regulations regarding the safeguarding of information. Learn the steps Schnabel Engineering are taking to position themselves so they can compete for, and win, government projects.

Garrett McGowan
Security and Systems Architect
Neil Jones
Charles Riordan
Platform Compliance SME

IT Trends in Construction: Planning for the Future of your Contracting Business

Construction firms are adopting technology at an ever-increasing rate, far faster than before. However, just buying technology, licensing software, and training people is really not enough. This session will focus on data management, integration, records management, and other important concepts for today’s CIO or IT manager. You will learn about strategies - including change management, integrations, and organization - to help with adoption and planning for the future in order to take full advantage of today’s solutions.

Christian Burger
Nick Decker
Sr Manager

Egnyte Education: AEC Package Demos

Join Egnyte's Product Experts for a series of demonstrations of the new Egnyte for AEC package. Demos include functional tours of: BIM File Preview and Advanced BIM File Search, Project Lifecycle Management, and Advanced Procore Integration.

Hari Krishnan
Director of Products
Kevin Leatham
Product Manager

Egnyte Education: Digital Strategy Development and Adoption for the AEC Industry

The pace of technology development in the AEC industry has gained speed over the last 10 years, creating new opportunities for competitive advantage and requiring leaders to more carefully consider the value of their technology investments. In this session, you’ll learn the use of technology to enhance competitiveness and reduce risks inherent to the industry, and methods for enabling adoption among employees. Attending this session may qualify you in your licensing jurisdiction for one (1) hour of continuing education for Business Management topics.

Daniel Axson

Harder Mechanical Customer Story: Data Threat Management

Ransomware represents only half the potential threats to your critical data. The risk of one of your employees stealing or leaking (purposefully or not) sensitive project data is just as high as being a victim of ransomware. Join this session to learn the importance of data protection from both internal and external threats, and hear lessons learned for threat detection and remediation.

Dominic Silvia
Manager, Industry Solutions Management
Brian Williams
IT Manager

Raken and Anchor QEA: Better together - daily reports and Egnyte

Explore the integration between Egnyte and Raken and see what it means for our mutual customer Anchor QEA. They will go over how daily reports saved in Egnyte mitigate legal exposure among other things.

Nick Pettengill
Construction Support Manager
Adam Carlson
Civil Engineer & Construction Manager
Bryant Donnowitz
Engagement Manager, AEC Industry

Q&A Roundtable: Egnyte's New Product Features and Roadmap

Ask the Experts. Join an informal chat hosted by Egnyte's Product Team as they answer any questions you have on the new Egnyte AEC Package, existing features and functionality, and future roadmap.

Hari Krishnan
Director of Products
Kevin Leatham
Product Manager

Q&A Roundtable: Tips and Tricks for Administering Egnyte

Ask the Experts. Join an informal chat hosted by Egnyte's Sales Engineering Team to gain insight into what other firms are doing to maximum value and their proven tips and tricks for administering Egnyte.

Eduardo Franken
Bryan Harman
Sr. Manager, Solutions Engineering