Construction and Engineering Summit 2021

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Top Technology Trends in Construction & Engineering

Smart phones, drones and virtual reality technology is revolutionizing construction, but is it really making you more productive? Construction companies are awash in data but getting access to managing it, securing it, and really using it continues to be a major problem. Learn how the right Digital Collaboration and Mobility approach can help you overcome these challenges and make not just your projects but your entire organization more productive.

Ronen Vengosh
VP AEC and Business Development
Spencer Mains
CIO of Environmental Science Associates

How Technology is Reducing Rework and Improving Margins - On the Jobsite and off

With the move to a work from everywhere environment companies have quickly realized how important, and at times difficult, collaboration can be. Through the use of content governance some construction companies are not just surviving, they are thriving in this operating environment. Join our panel of experts as they discuss how technology is being utilized to better communicate and collaborate to deliver higher quality work, faster.  

Brian Williams
IT Manager
Harder Mechanical
Anna Lazar
Strategic Alliances & Partnerships
Jeff Rubenstone
Chris Schmitt

Measuring the Value from Your Digital Collaboration Solutions

With over 100 engagements under their belt, the Business Value Acceleration team finished up 2019 with an annual average of just over $1M in potential value increases and an annual average of $34k in decreased IT costs. In this session they'll show you how to identify value, drive a strategic agenda that will improve your company's bottom line and build senior management support for your key initiatives.

Jessica Bell

How S&ME is Securing and Governing Distributed Work

Some companies see content governance as a way to share files…others see it as a way to transform their business. S&ME, an engineering, design, environmental sciences, and construction services company out of Raleigh, NC is a leading user of content governance. But where others stop at just being able to collaborate, S&ME is pushing the boundaries, using their solution as the backbone for how employees and partners consume data. Join S&ME for a fireside chat to hear how both the business side and the technology side are working together to transform how their company operates.

Michael Farrar
Director of IT
Mark Petersen
Sr. Regional Network Administrator
Carole Filion

Blueprint for Success – Evaluating Your Content Management Maturity

What if you could get even more value out of your content? No matter if you are just starting out with a content governance program or have been running one for years there are always opportunities for improvement. Our Experts, working with 1,000s of clients, have developed a Content Management Maturity (CMM) model to help companies understand their current status and future objectives for content management and governance. Join us to understand how through lessons learned and best practices the CMM helps clients identify areas for growth in how they approach, think about, and manage critical business content.

Karl Becker

Procore + Egnyte; Optimizing Efficiency With an Integrated Solution

Integrated software solutions are key to improved productivity, particularly for the construction industry. The increasing number of tools used per project makes a non-integrated environment very costly and time-consuming due to double entry, plus the need to jump between applications. The sync between Egnyte and Procore helps our mutual customers get the most out of their investment with real-time updates from the field to the office. The goal is to enhance field productivity, reduce re-work, and get data in the hands of the people that need it the most, faster. In this session, we will discuss a few instances where mutual customers have used the integration to work more efficiently.

Kris Lengieza
Senior Director Business Development

Enabling Work from Everywhere

Improving productivity is not just about getting access to the right data no matter where it lives; it is getting access to the right data no matter where you are. With a growing set of construction applications in use for each project we all know the challenges of providing access to their specific data to the right people. But with today's remote workers and disconnected jobsites it becomes more than just the right data, it becomes the right data to the right location. Join our panel of experts as they discuss how the right application integration strategy coupled with a hybrid architecture approach has provided their company with an "access anywhere" solution.

Mike Yatteau
VP of Operations
Blackmon Ferrell Electric
Thomas Volmer
PMO Director
Austin Industries
Larry Courtney
Dir of IT
Carroll Daniel Construction

Egnyte in Action - Product Demonstration

The Egnyte Platform is used by thousands of construction and engineering companies worldwide to facilitate better coordination, reduce delays, enhance security, and improve productivity - both on the jobsite and off. Our experts will demonstrate how the platform can solve some of the industry's most common, and challenging, use cases, including: •Providing a single source of truth for the latest documentation •Easily accessing and working on your project files no matter where you are located •Helping to close out projects faster through best of breed document governance and management

Tim Johnson
Director of MSP Product Marketing
Eduardo Franken

Recorded with Live Q&A

Learn about all the new improvements like the Public Cloud Connector that our Products and Engineering teams have been working on in the past couple of months. You will also get to hear about some of the upcoming items in the Products Roadmap that are relevant to your business.

Hari Krishnan
Director of Products