Dropbox Replacement

Dropbox Replacement

Consumerization of IT has created a challenge for enterprises. Employees demand anywhere, anytime access to files. They've rapidly adopted mobile devices for work and personal needs. Due to the distributed nature of employees and company locations, the need to readily access and share information has never been higher.

The Result - rogue adoption of consumer cloud services that give employees the ease of file access and sharing using any device.

The Problem - consumer services were never built with security in mind and pose major security threats. Corporate data is leaking out of the enterprise with no oversight or control. What happens if an employee leaves the company or loses their company iPad?

Egnyte file sharing enables employees to easily access, share and sync files

How Egnyte solves this use case

Egnyte file sharing enables employees to easily access, share and sync files in an environment that is completely managed by IT. Users get the same ease-of-use as consumer cloud solutions, with an IT-friendly enterprise solution that never compromises security and privacy. Even if employee devices are lost or stolen, granular permissions and multi-level security ensures company files don't fall in the wrong hands.

After looking at Box, Dropbox, Sharefile and Egnyte, we realized that Egnyte was the right solution for our needs. We were able to deploy quickly, giving different levels and types of access to different people ranging from clients to employees.

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