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Tetra Tech Unifying Content Across Borders

We haven’t seen any other product able to tackle limited office connectivity with the ease and simplicity that Egnyte has.

Chip Temm

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The Challenge

At any given time, Tetra Tech is leading numerous projects in over 40 countries with varying Internet bandwidth. So it’s no surprise that controlling every file at every location had become an IT nightmare. Remote employees accessed files with unreliable VPNs or worked in insecure silos. Teams struggled to find the latest files with scattered versions, email became overloaded, and collaboration slowed. Chip Temm continued, “Field offices had their own file systems and email was the primary means of document exchange. It often slowed the processes.”

International teams needed a content platform that could thrive in unstable conditions and comply with HIPAA, DOD, and government content regulations. VP of IT, Jerald Holzinger explained, “We wanted a solution that was easy to deploy and scalable, making it possible to roll out to 200 other sites in the future.” IT tried SharePoint and OneDrive to integrate with Microsoft Office but it hadn’t aligned operationally, while switching to Dropbox presented its own set of problems.

“Dropbox became difficult because it’s a consumer-oriented application and people have different ways of looking at the same file repository. We wanted our field offices to work fairly independently but still gain visibility in a simple-to-implement way, which Egnyte does.”

The Solution

“With Egnyte, teams are now able to access their information from wherever they are. Before, this was always a problem as they relied on VPN.”

Tea Ward
Knowledge Management Lead

Egnyte helped unify Tetra Tech’s field offices so employees can now find and access the latest document version, regardless of location. Teams communicate, collaborate, and complete projects faster with a single source of truth and without connectivity issues slowing the process.

“We deploy a Storage Sync device to every field project now so teams can work rapidly, accessing the latest version, while still giving us the visibility we need.”

Chip Temm

The Egnyte task manager has helped improve team workflows. For example, Finance streamlines the approval process for project reviews and billing by providing a central location where users can also add or assign tasks to files or leave comments on documents.

“If it wasn’t for the Egnyte Task Manager, it would be much more difficult for our financial team to meet their deadlines.”

Tea Ward

In addition to simplifying workflows, Egnyte’s auditing and reporting functionality saves precious time and effort by quickly finding files from usage reports, instead of long manual searches through thousands of folders.

“For auditing and compliance, Egnyte has enabled us to be 1000x better.”

Chip Temm

The Results

Removing the geographical barriers to content accessibility has increased efficiency throughout Tetra Tech, while file requests and upload links have improved collaboration with business partners and clients. The finance team’s efficiency increased 700% by using the task feature and teams across the organization saw a massive reduction in email inbox clutter.

The use of file requests and upload links has also helped improve external business collaboration.

“I recommend Egnyte to people all the time. It’s just really easy and straightforward on all levels. Our teams all over the world now save time on projects and I’ve never worked with a company that has had better support than Egnyte.”

Chip Temm