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How The Riverside Company Adopted Egnyte to Streamline Procedures

Robert Sciaraffo
“Pulling files and folders into a single cloud platform—one that we can easily control—has created efficiency gains for our global team.”
Robert Sciaraffo
Managing Director of Technology


On-premises servers requiring multiple systems—and 20 years of data—to manage

Operating since 1988, Riverside had accumulated a large and increasingly complex infrastructure of on-premises file servers and data storage hardware.

As the firm grew—in employee count as well as geographic footprint—the team implemented a range of cloud solutions to enable employees to manage some of their data in the cloud.

“With teams distributed around the world working together on time-sensitive projects, we needed a more modern solution for file management and sharing.”


Bringing together data management and governance in an intuitive, unified platform

After researching the industry for data management solutions, Robert Sciaraffo, managing director of technology at Riverside, and his technology team turned to Egnyte’s enterprise platform.

The first selling point was Egnyte’s user-friendly interface, with a visual folder structure familiar to any Windows or Mac user. “The end-user experience was so intuitive that the transition was a nonevent,” Sciaraffo says.

Another reason Egnyte topped Riverside’s list was the platform’s extensive app-integration library. As Sciaraffo notes, the company had been looking for opportunities to connect multiple apps to improve the staff’s workflows, and Egnyte's DocuSign integration was a good example of how that can work.

“With the Egnyte-DocuSign integration, a user can send a signature request to anyone, and when they eSign the document, the signed copy automatically lands in the correct Egnyte folder,” he says.

Finally, Sciaraffo explains, even if there were lingering questions about whether the solution checked every box on their wish list, the Riverside team ultimately found a compelling reason to go with Egnyte regardless. “From a partnership perspective, Egnyte was phenomenal to work with from the very beginning,” he says.

“The pre-sales experience was outstanding. The Professional Services team couldn’t have been more helpful and patient. And even now—after we’ve been a customer for more than a year—our Egnyte Project Management team still calls us regularly to find out if we have any new needs or requests.”

“We’re working with dozens of SaaS vendors across our enterprise—but Egnyte is one of a very few that our team views as a real partnership.”


Unlocking workflow efficiencies

As it turned out, though, the Egnyte platform did check all the key functionality boxes on Riverside’s wish list. And today, with the solution deployed across the firm, both Riverside’s business users and the technology team are enjoying many operational improvements, such as:

Faster workflows

With all their files centralized and accessible on the Egnyte cloud platform, Riverside’s staff can easily and safely share content externally. If the files are eligible for sharing outside the firm—which the technology team can also manage through Egnyte—employees can share them directly through their Egnyte environment.

Efficiencies through integrations

With the Egnyte DocuSign integration, Riverside’s employees who need signatures on a regular basis can send them through DocuSign. When the recipient hits the “Finish” button, the signed file automatically lands in the pre-designated Egnyte folder where it belongs.

Reduced costs

With the firm’s file management and sharing needs all handled through the centralized Egnyte environment, Riverside no longer needs additional cloud apps to house its data, or third-party software like the file-locking and encryption tools it used to manage its on-premises file server infrastructure. Egnyte is helping Riverside reduce its software costs as well as the time IT spends managing disparate solutions.

Improved data governance

With Egnyte’s Secure & Govern functionality, Riverside’s IT team has greater ability to protect and control the firm’s data.

Enhanced cybersecurity

Because it signed up for Egnyte’s enterprise platform, Riverside now also has access to a host of machine-learning capabilities for data security, including insider threat detection and zero-day ransomware protection.


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