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How Les Mills Strengthened Data Governance with AI-Powered Lifecycle Management

When Les Mills shifted its focus to create more on demand content they set up automated retention, archive and deletion policies to manage high volumes of data, with AI doing all the heavy lifting.

Duplicate Files Identified

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As Les Mills expanded into cities in Asia, Europe, North and South America, Mike Mason, Global Infrastructure Tech Lead, found himself regularly traveling the world standing up Exchange servers, file servers, backup and recovery systems, and VPNs to support the collaboration needs of its distributed workforce.

Mike Mason, Global Infrastructure Tech Lead, Les Mills
"Egnyte is looking at unstructured file data in a completely different way. They are looking at the whole picture of content management and all of its challenges. It is not just about storage and sharing, Egnyte is genuinely listening to its customers to help them solve much broader challenges."
Mike Mason
Global Infrastructure Tech Lead • Les Mills


Mason decided to bring a cloud-first approach to Les Mills and its file services. He rolled out Egnyte globally in 2014, established a single source of truth and consolidated multiple content repositories into a centralized, flexible, and secure cloud environment. In 2020, with team members working from home, Les Mills brought more workout content online and shifted focus to the on-demand side of the business to meet customer needs.

Create Retention, Archive, and Deletion policies that lower storage costs


  • Les Mills needed to very quickly shift focus, reduce operating costs and focus on the areas of the business that would lessen the impacts of Covid-19.
  • Les Mills has about 100TB of data and took quick advantage of Egnyte’s AI-powered lifecycle management capabilities to identify 1.6M duplicate files across their environment.
  • To solve this growth in storage, they have created retention, archive, and deletion policies that lowered storage costs and reduced risk exposure.

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