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How Kinetix Earned $300k in Incremental Revenue and Unlocked New Growth Opportunities Using Egnyte for Life Sciences


Kinetix was increasingly focused on high-growth biotechs in the life sciences marketplace, who needed a compliant, unified way to manage, secure, and validate all their data and automate the heavy workload of meeting regulatory compliance. However, Kinetix found many of the solutions provided by the market’s big players to be lacking in terms of security, governance, support, and the functionality required to meet clients’ large-scale data management needs.

“Egnyte is a great technology solution that minimizes IT disruption, incidents and headaches for our clients. More importantly, they’re a partner who is willing to collaborate and take feedback—and they see to it that our business is as successful as possible.”
Conner Wilkinson, VP, Security & Client Strategy, Kinetix
Conner Wilkinson
VP, Security & Client Strategy, Kinetix


Egnyte for Life Sciences changed everything in a very positive way. The unified data management platform enabled visibility and control of all clients’ data and documents, while a host of smart automation streamlined the job of maintaining compliance. Internal employees and external partners could collaborate on large file sets securely and quickly, threats were constantly monitored, valuable information was protected, and regulated documents were created and deployed to mitigate risk.


Egnyte enabled Kinetix to solve its clients’ data governance issues for good, in turn increasing yearly revenue by $300k. After implementing Egnyte, clients have close to 0% disruption across their file share infrastructure, making it an efficient and profitable product for Kinetix to manage. Clients love Egnyte, too, because it helps them remain compliant, cuts costs, increases productivity, and helps them stay focused on delivering life-changing drug therapies and devices. Egnyte’s tailored, five-star customer care provides the cherry on the cake in a fantastic partnership.


As a leading MSP in the IT security space, Kinetix needed to provide a complete menu of services and strategies to its clients, which eliminated IT disruption and security threats. However, there was one customer pain point they hadn’t been able to fully overcome. Life sciences customers, in particular, needed help with compliance, collaboration and control of their data, but Kinetix hadn’t found a technology solution capable of meeting all those needs.

Then they discovered Egnyte for Life Sciences. The platform enabled Kinetix to securely manage and govern clients’ mission-critical content from a single platform, and provided automation that eliminated the onerous workload of regulatory compliance. Egnyte increased revenue and profitability for Kinetix, cut costs, and enhanced productivity for its clients.



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