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A.S. Roma streamlines operations while maintaining a strong defense

The Italian football club protects critical data with Egnyte’s cloud content governance solution

Staff Globally
GDPR Data Classification
GDPR Data Classification


Working across multiple continents, Italian football club A.S. Roma’s IT group supports more than 200 staff around the world, all of whom need access to enterprise-grade file sharing capabilities. Their vision was to implement a unified content platform globally where documents and files could be securely managed and seamlessly shared – all without impacting user experience and flow of information throughout the club or sacrificing IT control.


Having evaluated different solutions offered by Box and Dropbox, A.S. Roma selected Egnyte based on the solution’s enterprise-grade functionality and hybrid architecture that allowed them to couple cloud-based and on-premises storage, permissions-based file sharing, end-to-end security and ease of use.

“Egnyte helps address GDPR by controlling permissions and sharing – improving how we identify, protect and manage data.”
Fabrizio Preti
Chief Technology Officer


  • Complete, centralized control of file and document sharing
  • Increased file sharing visibility and demonstrable compliance
  • Simplified collaboration across offices and the field

Three-times winner of Serie A, Italy’s premier club football competition, A.S. Roma is one of the world’s most loved teams. Boasting over 87 million fans, A.S. Roma has a huge following in its native Italy, and is one of the most supported teams across the world.


Headquartered at Trigoria in Roma, Italy and at the historic Stadio Olimpico, A.S. Roma also has business operations in the United States and United Kingdom.


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