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NA-based Construction and Design Firm Recovers Quickly From Ransomware Attack

In a matter of days, the firm went from a ransomware attack that brought all engineering and construction operations to a standstill, to being back up and running on a secure cloud platform that their users love.

7 TB
Amount of Data Moved 
to the Cloud
Days It Took to Get Operations 
Back Up and Running


A ransomware attack over the weekend had brought the Engineering, Design, Construction, and Smart Manufacturing firm to a standstill. In order to contain the breach they shut down everything including all on-premises and mobile access to their file server. And without access to their project files they couldn’t access critical information such as updated drawings and change orders; they couldn’t respond to requests; they couldn’t engage with their subcontractors; they had no ability to deliver on their projects.

construction site


Egnyte was deployed across the firm and, with the help of Egnyte's Professional Services Team, 7 TB of clean, ransomware-free project data was cut over to get them up and running. In order to facilitate a smooth transition and better user acceptance, Egnyte employed additional training including additional coffee chats, demos, and extra office hours.


Now, the firm is almost fully deployed with 750 seats and Egnyte covering not just the project files but business files such as HR and Finance. In addition, it is governing and securing their SharePoint instance and file services. Since deploying the platform there have been no additional incidents, and with Egnyte’s data governance solution if they are ever hit by ransomware again the solution will detect it and be able to proactively mitigate any damage.

site under construction

Architecture Engineering and Construction



Egnyte Product

Platform Enterprise


File Sharing & Collaboration,Threat Management

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