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"All our files across the entire company run through Egnyte"

by RANDY K. LESSOR | April 17, 2014

I started out looking for a tool to improve collaboration on projects. Other tools would have allowed me to share files on a few projects but still left me concerned about security. With Egnyte I now have a single platform that has become our file server – addressing departmental and project needs inside and outside the company. All our files across the entire company run through Egnyte. Best of all I have users enjoying and looking forward to using Egnyte which speaks for the ease of use.

"We immediately fell in love with the Egnyte platform"

by ZACHARY CURRY | May 30, 2014

We immediately fell in love with the Egnyte platform because it was customizable to our specific needs. Egnyte could handle all our file uploads, store them locally on our NAS devices, and securely share them across our remote offices and headquarters in the US and Canada.

"Using Egnyte’s Storage Connect has undoubtedly simplified our work flow"

by JOSE ILLANES | April 14, 2014

Since we are constantly working with external partners and very big files, we had to find an easier way to share files. Our previous FTP and file sharing services drove our IT department crazy and made it very difficult for our users to keep track of all their files. Switching to Egnyte and Storage Connect has provided our users direct access to chosen resources on our local network without having to go through the cloud. Egnyte's ability to send only links to our external partners instead of transferring files between different platforms makes collaborating much easier. Using Egnyte’s Storage Connect has undoubtedly simplified our work flow.

"Egnyte is the ultimate business conduit. Desktop laptop or smartphone now become one"


Egnyte is a fantastic product. It has transformed the way we do business. The ability to view files at will on the go is truly empowering. Our staff save and live synchronize all work to the one location. Desktop laptop or smartphone now become one. This has been a major transformation in our business. It's now part of our standard protocol. Setting senior access levels allows for non obtrusive progress reporting.

"DropBox on Steroids"

by ALEX | MAR 19, 2013

We used Egnyte to create a data room on several occasions with great results. It is secure, scalable and easy to use.

"Real-time backups plus mobile access"

by SCOTT BEHRENDS | MAR 19, 2013

Egnyte has helped us be sure that we will always have real-time backups to the cloud in case of severe issues. That combined with a perfect sync - I've never seen it mess up - and local storage for fast access. It's a win all around.

"Excellent for Companies"

by DR. RYAN | MAR 19, 2013

This is an excellent way for companies to ensure they can create interconnected teams and establish an internal framework for future COSO or Sarbanes/Oxley compliance. Now that's useful. One more thing. Did I mention that it is extremely powerful to always carry a full and complete office accessible anywhere in the world, even when your computer crashes or is stolen?

"Ease of file sharing"

by AIDAN O'DONOGHUE | MAR 19, 2013

We do a lot of testing where many videos and picture are taken. By giving the relevant people access to the files, those who can't travel to the test site can still be involved in discussions and make observations. Its a great benefit for this type of test work.

"Ability to view and share files almost anywhere"

by DOUG WILBURN | MAR 19, 2013

Egnyte has helped our business organize files and share them with the entire company and customers with ease and error free. No more maintaining a file server or shared computer. The software is well designed and painless to install. It also allows us the peace of mind that if someone's PC crashes, we don't lose any important documents and never have to manage backups.

"Sanity Saver in a Snowstorm"

by BRENDA B | MAR 19, 2013

A snowstorm caused our small healthcare clinic to be inaccessible for two days. Even though we couldn't make it to the office to work, we were still able to stay productive because of Egynte. Since Egnyte is HIPAA-compliant, always available and ready, it allowed access to our work easily and securely, without braving the elements! Egnyte is always there with our files ready to go to work, when and where ever we are. The peace of mind knowing that our irreplaceable business information and records are always safely waiting for us is such a sigh of relief!

"Automatic Syncing"

by CAM | MAR 19, 2013

Egnyte is the perfect answer for our needs. It saves us lots of time we would normally have to package, compress and upload files. Because it will sync entire folder contents, it's faster to find the files we need to share. No more downloading everything when we only need 1 thing. Great, great, great!

"Reliable, easy file sharing"

by DAVE STEWART | MAR 19, 2013

Egnyte has allowed our business to effectively and efficiently manage procurement of international construction projects from a central location. The simple interface, along with virtually 100% server up-time, means no "tech support" calls from end-users. Reproduction and postage / courier costs, which are significant, have also been eliminated.

"Ease of sharing and uploading"


Building a new Bioenergy Power Plant has many contractors that need easy access to drawings and information. Egnyte allows me to do that with such smooth transitions from email to the cloud in minutes that everyone is up to date daily. The security I have to allow or block access to certain folders is a big plus to our management team. Everybody sees what they need to see without having to navigate through folders that mean nothing to them.