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Scale Security and Productivity with Embedded AI

Egnyte’s Content Intelligence Engine is fully embedded into the Egnyte platform so companies of all sizes can extract the maximum value from their content assets, while minimizing cost and risk. The engine is turnkey and ready to go from day one. No training data sets, integration work, or complex scripting required to get started. With simple reports, alerts, and triggered workflows, you don’t need a team of engineers to operate it either.

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Structure unstructured data

Automate data classification to reveal risky, regulated or proprietary data. Identify content types, data owners, and business value. Find data subject information for GDPR, CCPA, and other regulations.

Scale governance and compliance

Rapidly scan files for personally identifiable information regulated under global privacy laws. Automate subject access requests, data retention, legal holds and more. Quickly respond to unusual user behavior or ransomware threats. Prevent exposure of sensitive information with content safeguards.

Streamline costs

Cut storage costs by automating file archival and deletion. Analyze and take action on redundant, obsolete, or trivial information. Automatically move frequently accessed files between hot and cold storage and between cloud and edge cache.

Turbo-charge productivity

Speed up delivery of the right files in the office, from home, or on the go. Make knowledge management simpler with automatic content surfacing to other related users. Couple automatic metadata population with rich search functionality to easily find what you need.

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Smart Governance eBook

Smart Governance eBook

Deploy smart data governance across all content repositories through AI. Learn how to apply it in your organization.

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Securing Critical Content

Securing Critical Content

Keeping content secure is essential to maintaining a competitive edge and ensuring employee and customer privacy. Discover how easy it can be.

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Egnyte Platform Webinar

Egnyte Platform Webinar

Egnyte co-founder Rajesh Ram talks about the role of AI for enterprise content services and demonstrates workflow, governance, and data lifecycle solutions.

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