Access and Permissions

Authentication and Authorization

Egnyte’s migration toolkit includes the ability to import permissions from the on-premises file shares. IT integrates directly with the company’s authentication system such as Active Directory (AD) or Single Sign-On (SSO) for automated permissions setting and streamlined migration. For a hybrid deployment with Smart Cache, Egnyte bi-directionally synchronizes between the cloud and on premises for flexible authentication management for the IT department.

folder structure for finance including reports, payroll, and budgets, with access assigned by role

Granular, Subfolder Permissions

Egnyte includes granular subfolder permissions, designed to fit any existing file structure and permission hierarchy. While other solutions require IT to completely remap or recreate their file structures and folder permissions, Egnyte can leverage existing infrastructure IT already has in place, and it inherits existing structures and permissions.

Egnyte's robust centralized administration platform also enables businesses to manage user permissions at any folder and subfolder level. Administrators can assign read/write/delete access for any user at any folder level, ensuring only the right user has access to the right files.

In the example above, the Finance parent folder has 3 subfolders: Budgets, Reports and Payables. The Finance team needs access to the Finance folder, except for the Budgets subfolder, which should only be accessed by the corporate Controller.