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Controlled External File Sharing

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Controlled External File Sharing

Common External File Sharing Challenges

File Access Limitations

Access Limitations

  • FTP and email are cumbersome and have file size limitations
  • Provisioning external users for access to corporate systems is complex, limited or non-existent
  • Personal sharing solutions provide little control over identities of external accounts
Uncontrolled File Sharing

Uncontrolled Sharing

  • Personal sharing solutions lead to file duplication
  • No way to quickly expire or revoke access, after file is shared
Limited Visibility of Data

Limited Visibility

  • Unable to identify sensitive data in files before granting access
  • Lack of audit trails on files, folders, and user permissions

The Egnyte Solution

Enhanced File Collaboration

File Sharing Controls

  • Share with links instead of attachments
  • Ensure version control of files with automatic routing to latest version
  • Sharing safeguards, including view-only, file-level passwords, and link expiry
File-Centric Security

File-Centric Security

  • Preview-only file and folder links
  • User warnings on attempts to share files containing sensitive data
  • Single trash bin with simple file restore
Control External Users

Managed External Users

  • External accounts to collaborate with clients and partners
  • Self-service provisioning
  • Granular permission management
  • Detailed audit reporting on user activity

Simplified File Sharing Without Sacrificing Control

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