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Egnyte Announces Multi-City Tour to Address Modern Collaboration Challenges and Opportunities

The event series to bring together hundreds of IT leaders to share insights around how to protect and manage content in today’s hybrid, multi-cloud work environment

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. Sept. 06, 2022

Egnyte, the secure platform for content collaboration and governance, today announced its multi-city tour, the Spark Sessions. Mirroring today’s distributed workplaces, the Spark Sessions will be held in person in multiple locations over the next three months, culminating in a virtual gathering in December.

Each event will bring together cybersecurity and IT professionals, including Egnyte customers, to share stories and best practices around securing unstructured data, more commonly known as content, in the modern workplace.

“During the pandemic, companies adopted a plethora of cloud solutions to meet their content needs, fusing requirements for digital collaboration and data security like never before,” said Rajesh Ram, Chief Strategy Officer at Egnyte. “The dilemma is, while content sharing has never been easier, content control has never been more challenging or critical. Through these Spark Sessions, we will open dialogue around this important and fast-moving topic and share learnings from across the Egnyte community and beyond.”

The first Spark Session will be held in New York City on Sept. 20. Subsequent sessions include:

For further information on the Spark Sessions and to request an invite, please visit


Egnyte is the secure multi-cloud platform for content security and governance that enables organizations to better protect and collaborate on their most valuable content. Established in 2008, Egnyte has democratized cloud content security for more than 22,000+ organizations, helping customers improve data security, maintain compliance, prevent and detect ransomware threats, and boost employee productivity on any app, any cloud, anywhere. For more information, visit

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