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Egnyte Announces Generative AI Solutions for Secure Content Collaboration

The new solutions enable companies to search and summarize documents and media files while maintaining privacy, security, and compliance

Mountain View, CA. – July 26, 2023

Egnyte, the secure platform for content collaboration and governance, today announced several new AI-powered solutions being natively integrated into the Egnyte platform. Egnyte customers will now be able to use the latest generative AI models to find and summarize information contained in their company’s documents and media files, without having to physically move any of their content, which could violate corporate policies and put their data at risk.

“While very much in vogue right now, Egnyte has been using large language models for close to a decade. The outputs of these models were historically focused on a relatively narrow set of IT security, privacy, and compliance applications,” said Vineet Jain, co-founder and chief executive officer at Egnyte. “With recent advances in AI, we’re now able to unleash content intelligence for every user on our platform.”

Through a simple, chat-based interface, everyday business users will be able to ask Egnyte’s AI to answer questions and perform tasks related to the files they have been granted access to on Egnyte’s platform. The AI can perform tasks such as:

  • Generating summaries of large complex documents
  • Creating text-based transcripts of audio and video files
  • Finding photos within your image library containing a particular object

“For most companies in the world, their most valuable source of intelligence is still and will always be human intelligence, but how people access and apply that intelligence is most certainly changing,” said David Spitz, chief strategy officer at Egnyte. “Generative AI is unlocking the vast troves of data and insights previously buried in people’s documents and media files while freeing up knowledge workers from countless low-value tasks.”

The solution leverages Egnyte’s content governance framework and private instances of various AI models to ensure both the source data and AI-generated responses adhere to each company’s security and compliance policies.

These new features complement Egnyte’s other embedded AI applications, which are used by customers to classify and protect sensitive data, comply with privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA, and detect anomalous usage patterns that may be indicative of a data breach or insider threat.

Access to Egnyte’s generative AI-powered solutions is currently being offered in limited availability to select customers. A wider roll-out schedule, including additional AI-powered applications, will be announced upon general availability at a later date.

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