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Egnyte Expands Beyond Silicon Valley, Opens New Office in Raleigh, NC

Taking aim at top talent with a hiring initiative throughout the US and Europe

Mountain View, CA. – September 19, 2017

Egnyte, the leading cloud provider of smart content collaboration and governance, today announced expansion plans that include a new office in Raleigh, North Carolina and a new hiring initiative across offices in Spokane, Washington; Poznan, Poland; and Berkshire, England.

Egnyte, who currently employees over 350 people throughout North America and Europe, is setting its sights on the top talent outside of Silicon Valley.

“Egnyte is in the middle of a massive growth phase right now as we make a push to have 500 employees globally in the next 18-24 months,” said Vineet Jain, CEO and Co-Founder at Egnyte. “As we take this next step we are determined to find the best available talent at every position within our organization. Rather than fighting a talent war with the likes of the tech giants like Google or Facebook, we are stepping outside of the Silicon Valley bubble and finding a tremendous amount of talent in other regions, such as Raleigh and Spokane, providing highly competitive wages, benefit packages, and career growth opportunities.”

Egnyte has seen its office in Poznan, Poland grow more than 250% since 2015. Egnyte has also seen its office in Spokane, Washington expand more than 500% since 2014.

“In order to build a successful, healthy, scalable startup, you need to think outside of Silicon Valley,” said Egnyte CFO Steve Sutter. “When we look outside of the valley we want to work with the strengths of that market, with cost only being a part of the equation. Given that technical talent, sales talent, and competitive exposure vary regionally, taking the unique approach we do when it comes to talent acquisition not only allows us to be more efficient with our resources, but creates a more stable and satisfied workforce. Having successfully navigated this process in multiple regions thus far, we believe Raleigh will be the next great location to plant our flag.”

Upon opening, Egnyte will be hiring sales professionals in its Raleigh, North Carolina location. In Spokane, Washington and Berkshire, England they will look to add customer success, sales, and marketing talent. In Poznan, Poland they will be adding to their engineering and developer operations teams.

To learn more about Egnyte’s new office in Raleigh and the hiring initiative they are launching, visit the Egnyte Blog.

If you are interested in joining the Egnyte team, visit the Egnyte careers page and find the job that is right for you!


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