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Egnyte Rolls Out New Cloud–Based Governance Solution, Using Analytics to Identify Potential Breaches in Real–Time

Egnyte Protect Classifies Credit Cards, Social Security Numbers, and other Sensitive Content to Safeguard Businesses of All Sizes

Mountain View, CA. – June 28, 2017

Egnyte, the leading cloud provider of smart content collaboration and governance, today announced the general availability of their content governance solution, Egnyte Protect. As the first cloud–based governance solution of its kind, Egnyte Protect is able to provide real–time analysis of all the content within an organization and present actionable insights to help administrators prevent potential data breaches.

No matter how big or small an organization may be, they all possess valuable information that they do not want to lose. Over time, as an organization’s digital footprint grows, it’s faced with the difficult task of properly protecting that information. Egnyte Protect continuously analyzes the customer’s entire content environment and classifies the most sensitive information, such as credit card numbers or social security numbers. In real–time Egnyte Protect identifies vulnerabilities, alerts administrators, and offers actions that can immediately fix any issue that is found.

Since Egnyte is built as a content agnostic platform, the Egnyte Protect solution is uniquely positioned to collect, analyze, and classify any content, residing in any cloud or any on–premises environments.

“As organizations are transforming their digital workplace and rapidly growing their content, we identified an urgent need for a governance solution that could provide protection across a wide range of apps and repositories,” said Vineet Jain, CEO at Egnyte. “With Egnyte Protect we took a new approach, building a cloud–based solution that can be easily deployed and create value for organizations within minutes, versus the traditional approach which typically involved deploying additional hardware and incurring professional services costs. Egnyte Protect is changing the way people think about governance as we are now able to quickly and easily deliver the highest level of content protection to businesses of all shapes and sizes without impeding productivity and diversity of apps.”

See how Egnyte Protect could protect companies in the real world:

Egnyte Protect customers praised the solution for the extensive visibility it provides, as well as its ability to detect vulnerabilities in real–time, allowing them to make proper policy changes throughout their entire content environment without negatively disrupting the workflow of their employees.

“At BuzzFeed our teams are working on a wide range of content at a fast pace, much of which includes information that is timely and sensitive in nature,” says Jason Reich, director of global security at BuzzFeed. “It is our top priority to protect that content, its sources, and our team without interrupting their workflow. We chose to deploy Egnyte Protect because it actively monitors our content from the inside out, checking for potential issues twenty–four seven, and allowing us to rest assured knowing our content is properly protected at all times while our employees work freely.”

As a cloud–based solution Egnyte Protect does not require any additional hardware or costly recurring professional services. Egnyte Protect is easily rolled out and with just a few clicks organizations can quickly locate sensitive content in their environment, begin identifying potential breach points, and take action to fix them.

Pricing and Availability

Egnyte Protect is now generally available and pricing is based on a subscription model specific to each customer content environment. For more information on Egnyte Protect, please visit

Live Demo Registration

Join Egnyte for a Live Demo of Egnyte Protect on Thursday, June 29th and learn how this new solution can prevent your next potential data breach! Visit to register.


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