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Egnyte Delivers Policy-Based Sync for Enterprises with Storage Sync 10.0

Enables Instantaneous Collaboration Across Offices and Simplified Administration

Mountain View, Calif. – July 15, 2014

Egnyte, the leading provider of an enterprise file-sharing platform built from the cloud down, today unveiled Storage Sync 10.0, the latest version of its most popular hybrid product that combines the flexibility of the cloud with the access speeds and security of local storage. Storage Sync 10.0 introduces policy-based sync to enable instant collaboration across offices on day one of deployment. The latest version also equips IT with industry-leading administrative features, security controls, and user management capabilities.

“Syncing large numbers of files to the cloud is extremely challenging for organizations, and Storage Sync 10.0 with its new prioritization model boosts productivity by enabling enterprise customers to collaborate on essential files instantly,” said Rajesh Ram, co-founder and vice president of Product Management at Egnyte. “IT teams can now set policies to prioritize data syncing and track all of their storage devices from one central dashboard to more effectively manage data in the timeframe and order that they choose.”

Storage Sync 10.0 offers:

  • Data Prioritization and Policy-Based Sync: Administrators can now set policies to prioritize the syncing of data between a storage device and the cloud so users can gain quick access to their most essential data first. Syncing can be prioritized by the most recent version or by file types, and administrators can also exclude certain file types from syncing.
  • 200X Faster Sync: The new sync engine makes it significantly faster to sync files and folders between the cloud and local storage. Users will experience phenomenally faster (up to 200X over the previous version) sync speeds, especially for file and large folder renames and deletes.
  • Central Cloud Dashboard: A new dashboard in the cloud will track all of an organization’s Storage Sync devices, making it easy to monitor and diagnose the health of each device. The cloud becomes a central point where administrators can control local storage devices.
  • Simplified Administration: Storage Sync is designed to integrate with Active Directory, LDAP and SSO to simplify user management behind the firewall and maintain a central source for defining and managing users.

Storage Sync 10.0 provides more control for setting policies to handle the large amounts of files that enterprises need to manage. Storage Sync bi-directionally syncs customers’ local storage systems with the cloud at any time interval assigned by an IT administrator, depending on each business’ unique needs and to maximize network bandwidth. Files can be replicated across offices and diverse storage systems for collaboration, file sharing and data redundancy. The solution can also be deployed alongside multiple, dissimilar storage devices in any location.

"We immediately fell in love with the Egnyte platform because it was customizable to our specific needs. Egnyte can handle all of our file uploads, store them locally on our NAS devices, and securely share them across our remote offices and headquarters in the U.S. and Canada," said Zach Curry, solution architect at FMC Technologies about Egnyte Storage Sync.

Pricing and Availability

Storage Sync 10.0 is now available to all Egnyte customers. For current users, administrators can upgrade by going to the company’s Storage Sync dashboard and clicking on the upgrade link. For more details on Storage Sync, click here. Storage Sync is available on a host of different platforms, including NetApp, NETGEAR, and Synology, and can also be deployed as a virtual solution.


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