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Practice Safe SaaS with Egnyte: For All The Files That Could Get You Fired

Egnyte delivers file-sharing functionality for files too sensitive for the cloud

Mountain View, California – September 25, 2013

Egnyte today introduced Storage Connect as an extension to its file-sharing solution that will allow users to access files behind the firewall without the need for a VPN. Egnyte's customers can now easily access ALL of the files they need to run their business regardless of where files are stored – in any on-premises storage, in any cloud, or a combination of both. The addition of Storage Connect makes Egnyte's solution the industry's only file sync and sharing platform to address the full range of enterprise file-sharing needs, enabling businesses to easily access their most sensitive files, while still meeting their industry's regulatory requirements.

A recent IDG study* reported that 3/5 of companies believe that cloud file sharing has compromised their data security. Respondents also reported that on average 61 percent of all files would always need to be stored locally since IT has low confidence in the security of cloud-only storage methods. Storage Connect provides businesses with a secure way to access and share these files from any smartphone, tablet or computer without going to the cloud, eliminating the myriad security threats associated with cloud-only file sharing solutions.

"Enterprises will always have files that cannot be stored in the cloud due to government regulations, privacy issues or intellectual property concerns," said Egnyte CEO Vineet Jain. "These files are often the most valuable to an organization, so providing private access to these files when and where business happens is critical. We believe the addition of Storage Connect will enable companies of all sizes to fully embrace the cloud era without compromising their privacy or security."

The addition of Storage Connect enables Egnyte to provide customers with a comprehensive file-sharing and sync platform regardless of where files are stored. With the new functionality, Egnyte is the only platform that solves all enterprise use cases:

  • Cloud File Sharing – easy mobile access and collaboration from anywhere, using any device.
  • Private File Sharing – remote file access to storage behind the firewall using any smartphone, tablet or computer, without the need for VPN.
  • Local File Access – blazing fast, in-office file access to address issues with latency, business continuity, large-file workloads and network congestion.
  • Cross-Office Collaboration – the ability to sync heterogeneous storage devices across distributed offices, which enables remote teams to collaborate as if they're in the same room.

"Personal cloud services represent a serious security and compliance threat for most IT organizations, enabling employees to easily share corporate documents with third parties, completely outside IT's control," wrote Gartner analyst Monica Basso. "While personal cloud services are proliferating at work, many IT organizations are still either not aware or in denial mode. However, the most security-conscious organizations aim to establish control, not by simply banning personal services, but by deploying enterprise-class enterprise file sharing and synchronization solution (EFSS) capabilities to enable secure mobile content sharing and collaboration." (Gartner Research - Hype Cycle for Wireless Devices, Software and Services, 2013; by Gartner Research Vice President Monica Basso; published July 31, 2013)


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