Egnyte for Procore

A better way to build.

How It Works

Egnyte and Procore helps make construction project management more collaborative, efficient, and secure. Share and revise important planning documents, work orders, and photos, instantaneously, whether on the job site or in an office. Automated sync ensures files are updated on both the Procore and Egnyte interfaces. Take advantage of a central repository that gives everyone the information they need, anytime, and on any device.

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construction project management demo
dashboard showing how to sync procore documents to egnyte

Procore Sync

Egnyte Sync provides a two-way sync between Procore’s “Documents” folder and Egnyte, which allows users to access the same documents in both locations. Teams can access CAD/CAM files, photos, contracts, and other large digital files at any time and on any mobile device. Files are always secure and protected.

  • Sync Procore documents to Egnyte
  • Apply data governance and assign file permissions
  • Work with current versions or restore previous versions

Procore Embedded UI

The Egnyte embedded UI experience connects each project in Procore with the corresponding Egnyte folders and documents. Access the files in Egnyte without switching context and without needing to open a new browser tab.  Files stay in a single secure Egnyte location  where users can access, share, and collaborate on files from the Procore Project page. You don’t need to manage permissions in two different locations – users have access only to the files they have permissions to access in Egnyte.

  • Access Egnyte features within the Procore UI
  • Work with the current version or restore previous versions
  • Apply data governance and assign file permissions
dashboard showing procore projects with the corresponding egnyte folders and documents

The integration of Egnyte and Procore has been positively received by all. At a stroke it has eliminated the challenges we had in the field with data storage and archiving project documentation,” said Pratt. “Plus, integrating the two environments has boosted our ability to efficiently spin up new projects and interact with partners through planning, design and construction

David Pratt

Director of Corporate and Operational Technology, Robins & Morton

Why Over 3,000 AEC Firms Use Egnyte

Access to Information from the field or office.

Productivity with Secure Remote File Sharing and Access

Sync project folder and large files to make locally accessible at the job site trailer

Content Governance, Compliance, Insider threat and Ransomware Detection

Integrate project data from Procore along with many other complementary AEC solutions

Integrations with Microsoft O365 and More Business and Industry Apps

Support CMMC Level 3 and FedRAMP initiatives for Federal and DoD projects

Advanced Security with AI-driven insights and Content Intelligence

Automate document retention compliance based on contractual or warranty requirements

Centralized Administration with Granular permissioning

Mitigate the impact of ransomware on project docs by ‘rolling back’ to a previous version

Download Procore + Egnyte Partner Datasheet