SFTP (SSH File Transfer)

Simple, Integrated, Secure

Securely Transfer Files Without a Server

SFTP is the go-to standard for many businesses that need a secure, standards-based way to transfer files. It is also far less complicated to setup and maintain than the insecure and outdated FTP protocol it was designed to replace.

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None of the Server Hassles

The Egnyte SFTP service runs in the cloud and enables sensitive files to be transferred securely, is up and running in seconds, and doesn’t have the hassles of maintaining a separate server. In contrast, deploying and maintaining a standalone server requires additional time, effort, and hardware costs, And in the case of FTP and FTPS, requires complex firewall changes.

Powerful Encryption

Even the most sensitive files can be confidently transferred because the Egnyte SFTP service sends all files using SSH encryption. Additionally, all files are encrypted at rest in the Egnyte content platform.

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Migrate Content to Egnyte

With time and date retention, the integrated SFTP service is an easy way to migrate existing content to Egnyte without losing important file metadata. A standard SFTP client is all that’s needed to get the transfer started.

Bulk Transfers Between Businesses

Create customized automated bulk file transfers through simple scripting without having to set up and maintain an on-premises SFTP server, while still complying with security regulations such as FINRA and HIPAA. For example, financial services firms regularly exchanges sensitive content with partners using SFTP. Once transferred to Egnyte, it can provide proof of compliance and deliver real-time alerts when content is not properly secured.

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Find out how to turn on SFTP

Find out how to turn on SFTP

Turning on SFTP is simple and only takes a few moments. Find out how.

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