Egnyte Key Management

Egnyte Key Managementꜱᴍ Deliver Better Security with More Privacy

Key Management Choices

Key Management Choices

Whether you want to control your key management policies, protect your data from subpoenas, or just want to know that your cloud provider follows best practices, we give you the ability to manage your encryption keys the way that’s right for you. We manage your key by default, but we also let you use two of the biggest cloud key management solutions from Amazon and Microsoft for when you want more control. If you still need to do more, you can use your own HSM in your own datacenter, giving you the highest level of control and privacy available.

Manage your keys in the Cloud

Egnyte manages encryption keys following industry-standard best practices, but some companies want greater control. Often it’s to comply with a corporate mandate or to add a level of privacy and security to your files, while others want to reuse existing Key Vault or CloudHSM service. Whatever the reason, Egnyte’s key management solution gives you flexibility and control you need.

  • Customizable key rotation policies
  • Controlled access to your keys
  • Hardware-free solution
Manage your keys in the Cloud
Manage your keys in your datacenter

Manage your keys in your datacenter

Sometimes a cloud-based key management solution just isn't right for your business. Whether you need to reuse an existing on-premises SafeNet HSM, address regulatory compliance policies, or even ensure that nothing is stored in the cloud, Egnyte has you covered with on-premises key management.

  • Full control over your key rotation policies
  • Full control over how your keys are accessed
  • Full control over where and how your keys are stored

There is immense variation in the sensitivity of information within an enterprise. For ultra-sensitive content, enterprises require end-to-end control where it is virtually impossible for anyone unauthorized to get access to that information and maintaining full control over encryption keys is one of the ways to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data

Chandana Gopal
Research Manager - IDC