Egnyte for Google Workspace

Streamline Data Governance for Google Workspace

Visibility and control for content across the Google ecosystem.
Secure Collaboration and Governance for:
Google Slides
Google Drive

The Top Threats to File Storage and How to Defend Against Them

The Productivity You Love With The Security You Need

Data Discovery

Rapidly discover PII and proprietary data across all your data sources and file types, including Gmail, Drive, Google Cloud Storage, Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Manage it all in one user-friendly dashboard.

Find High-Value Data:
  • Discovery and classification for documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and emails
  • 500+ data patterns in 37 languages
  • Content type detection for high-value files
  • Scans non-native files in Google Cloud Storage
  • Connect new data sources in hours, not days
  • Scans millions of files in days, not weeks
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The biggest business accomplishment is the efficiency of freeing up IT resources. Without having to do the labor-intensive work of identifying sensitive content, IT can now concentrate on value-add projects.

Heather Lohnes
VP of Information Technology, Rockbridge Capital

Content Classification

Set up privacy and compliance rules based on common regulations, or customize them. Simple to set up and adaptable for growing businesses, Egnyte keeps you up-to-date with evolving regulations.

Simplify Privacy and Compliance:
  • 50+ out-of-the-box compliance templates
  • Rules and automation to restrict access to sensitive or regulated data
  • Built-in data subject access request and breach notification workflows
  • Automated data retention, archival, and deletion
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Within Egnyte we were able to identify where we may have PCI, HIPAA, or GLBA files that we needed to remediate.

Secure Sharing

Create, manage, and enforce policies for content containing sensitive data. Assign a minimum security level to links, based on sensitive content matching, risk score, and/or file location.

Protect Files and Data Sources:
  • Ransomware detection, response and recovery
  • Anomalous user behavior detection
  • Preview-only links
  • Encrypted file delivery
  • Content safeguards to prevent out-of-bounds sharing
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The integration that Egnyte has with Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office is also a huge productivity gain for our employees. Now they can just send a secure link with a password (to share files).

Vimal Thomas
VP of Information Technology, Yamaha

Centralized Control

Maintain oversight of all your Workspace assets with a unified, convenient interface. Empower your IT team to put safeguards in place and enforce them, regardless of its size.

Get More Power and Visibility:
  • Unified visibility of both Google and non-Google files
  • Standardized permissions and access control for Workspace files
  • User-friendly dashboard can be administered by a team of one
  • One view of data risk and compliance across Google sources
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IT can easily provision users, govern data, and control security and privacy settings... so that the right employees have access to the right files, and no one has access to files they shouldn’t.

Secure and Govern Your Cloud Office Data In Just A Few Clicks

Comply With Data Privacy Regulations

Adapt to changing industry and global laws with simple compliance workflows.

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Protect Google Workspace Files From Ransomware

Rapidly detect, respond, and remediate ransomware threats across Google Workspace and other data sources.

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Comply With Data Privacy Regulations
Protect Your Reputation and Win More Business
Google Integrations

Egnyte Works the Way You Do

From Google Docs to Gmail, Egnyte integrates seamlessly with everyone’s favorite apps and features in Google Workspace

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The Power of Many Tools in One Turnkey Platform

Egnyte provides one secure platform to connect and protect content across Google and non-Google data sources.
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Business Plan

  • Secure content collaboration
  • Integrations with leading apps and cloud storage
  • Unified access controls
  • Ransomware protection
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Enterprise Plan

Everything in Business, plus:
  • Sensitive data discovery and classification
  • Content safeguards
  • Content lifecycle management
  • Advanced threat detection
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Egnyte's use and transfer to any other app of information received from Google APIs will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.