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Data Governance Avert breaches and detect insider threats

Reduce risk of a breach with smart data governance

As content grows, so does the risk (and potential repercussions) of a data breach. Data governance gives you centralized visibility and control over files at all stages of the data lifecycle can help you find, protect and manage sensitive data that hackers want — and users might unwittingly provide. Egnyte provides integrated governance and security to minimize the legal, financial and operational liabilities that can result from data breaches.

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Reduce the attack surface

Reduce the attack surface

  • Rapidly discover and secure your most sensitive data.
  • Ensure that the right people have access to the right content and detect potential exposure.
  • Guard against accidental and malicious sharing of content through sensitive content controls.
Mitigate issues

Mitigate issues before they impact your business

  • Detect potential exposure of sensitive information in real time.
  • Focus on addressing the most serious issues first through automated ranking of risk severity level.
  • Disable compromised user accounts with one-click.
Prevent imminent threats

Prevent imminent threats

  • Detect malicious or careless insiders trying to access sensitive data, delete, or walk away with your content.
  • Prevent suspicious logins and block risky geographies.
  • Identify ransomware on your file system before your data is held hostage.
  • Get alerted to zero-day ransomware attacks with sophisticated content intelligence right at the source of your files.
Protect your brand

Protect your brand, reputation and financial health

  • Set and enforce sensitive data handling policies that demonstrate your commitment to privacy
  • Avoid disruption of operations that could cripple your business by limiting the risk of breaches before they begin.
  • Apply data governance so a breach won't destroy your reputation with your customers, employees, and shareholders

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Egnyte Security Architecture

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SMBs More Vulnerable To Cyber Attacks

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