Healthcare and Life Sciences

Secure, Private File Sharing for Improved Patient Care

Compliant Collaboration

How do healthcare organizations share confidential data such as Protected Health Information (PHI), test results, patient data and lab protocols? Traditional methods of sharing files over email, FTP and VPN all have security flaws, and often run the risk of violating HIPAA compliance and FDA regulations. Egnyte Connect offers companies a safe way to share specific folders and files of any size.

Connecting Teams with Projects

Whether it's doctors, nurses, project managers, lab researchers, or patients, they all need a fast and reliable way to access, share and collaborate in real-time for the most accurate patient care. Egnyte Connect's Healthcare solutions connect multiple offices and distributed healthcare providers seamlessly, making them feel like they're working from one location. Features like automatic file versioning ensure that when changes are documented in a course of treatment, new instructions are instantly accessible by all the relevant healthcare providers.

Always in Control

Employees don't always have online access to their files, but saving critical healthcare data such as lab results and drug approval processes on personal laptops or mobile devices can lead to data loss and serious security and compliance issues. Egnyte Connect addresses the needs of healthcare organizations by providing complete control over information access and real-time visibility on all user activities. Inactive user accounts can be automatically expunged preventing data loss. Egnyte Connect also provides administrators with a rich set of audit reports to monitor file usage and history.

Healthcare and Life Sciences organizations are constantly implementing new technologies to meet and exceed the increasing demands of patients, healthcare professionals, researchers, and business partners. Driven by the need to comply with industry regulations, reduce costs and increase productivity, they are moving away from traditional methods of information sharing and are adopting easier and more secure online platforms.

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