Online File Sharing for Small Businesses

Online File Sharing for Small Businesses

Egnyte HybridCloud File Server Provides Flexible ‘Pay as You Go’ Online File Storage. Business files are valuable assets that must be readily available, yet protected. Egnyte HybridCloud acts as a secure online hard drive offering continuous file backup and online file storage while providing simple file sharing and mobile access.

Small businesses and branch offices have the benefit of enterprise caliber features without expensive investments in on-premise file servers, tape backup, or FTP and VPN setups. Egnyte's simple file/folder sharing tools require no learning curve or installation and can be implemented by small organizations without IT assistance. Accessing files is just as easy: using any computer or mobile device, business files are always there, online or offline. As organizations grow they can add network attached storage to support teams with fast local and offline access.

Case Study: Ecomedia (PDF)

Benefits of Egnyte HybridCloud:

  • Immediate productivity with easy to use interface
  • Access and share files from Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC or any web-enabled device
  • Collaborate with business partners using shared folders
  • Optimize file access speed using local storage synchronized with online storage
  • Ensure offline file access using Egnyte Local Cloud
  • Avoid investments in traditional file servers
  • Secure data with user access permissions, audit reports, and 256-bit AES encryption
  • Back up files safely in the cloud for disaster preparedness and data recovery

Flexible Access to Files

Employees need to be productive in the office and on the go. Native applications for iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows mobile allow access to Egnyte HybridCloud while on the road. Additionally, Egnyte Local Cloud provides continuous file backup, allowing employees to synchronize files with their PC and Mac desktop and make modifications even when they are offline. Businesses using Egnyte Local Cloud with network-attached storage can configure Egnyte as a mapped drive for internal teams, enabling convenient file drag, drop and edit capabilities (Windows, Mac, and Linux compatible). With all access methods, folder-based permissions are consistently enforced. More about file access

Shared Folders with Permissions

Sharing files securely with customers and partners can be challenging. Traditional methods of emailing files can be cumbersome; large files can take forever to upload, attachments can get lost or deleted, and locating the most recent versions is painstaking. Egnyte facilitates sustained file sharing with a shared folder structure. For example, users can define a departmental folder for Marketing, one for Sales etc. Folder access rights are controlled using granular access permissions (read/write/delete). This ensures that each user can see only the folders intended for their projects and securely access those folders from anywhere. File versions are automatically created as users make changes, and files can be locked to prevent multiple users from making changes at the same time. Automated notifications are available to keep users informed about changes in the files. More on shared folders

File Sharing via Links

Employees that need to share files quickly or publish to a wide audience can create a link (URL) to one or more files. These links can be emailed, embedded in a PDF or Word document, or made available on third party applications and websites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or instant messaging. Files are automatically downloaded when a recipient clicks on the link; there’s no need to require them to login to Egnyte. Links can expire after a chosen time period (days/weeks/months) or number of clicks. More on file sharing

Central Administration & Reporting

Egnyte HybridCloud can be managed and controlled by one or more designated administrators. The administrator has the authority to create and manage all user information including passwords; for example the administrator can quickly remove access if an employee leaves the company. All access to files is based on permissions set by the administrator, therefore ensuring that employees and partners only see relevant files.

Egnyte provides a rich set of reports manage and monitor the usage of your account. Reports provide information ranging from storage utilization, access audits (who has permissions to view what files) and full transaction history on your server (who uploaded, downloaded, or deleted files and folders). More on central administration

Security & Privacy

Egnyte Cloud File Server is hosted in world-class facilities, which are SAS-70 Type II and HIPAA compliant. Data is encrypted during access and storage. Egnyte's architecture has built-in redundancy, maintaining multiple copies of your data to protect against hardware failures. More on security & privacy

Branding & Customization

Egnyte provides for a rich set of capabilities to customize the interface, allowing companies to reinforce their corporate identity. Logos can be uploaded into Egnyte HybridCloud and the color scheme can be altered. A customized URL can be used to access files, linking with a firm’s corporate domain. More about branding & customization