Content Intelligence

The Foundation for Smart Collaboration and Governance

Egnyte Content Intelligence is the foundation for smart content collaboration and governance, which can orchestrate any content activity in your organization. With Egnyte Content Intelligence, you use data analytics to gain insights on how your intellectual property is created, shared and consumed internally and externally so you make informed business performance decisions.

Collect Data

Collect Information

All content, any repository

  • Provide a better experience by collecting data points across your content repositories
  • Choose any combination of cloud and on-premises content repositories for your business
  • Obtain granular information about your files and any related activities
Analyze Your Data

Analyze Your Data

From historical patterns to predictability

  • Analyze patterns for compliance to match against regulatory and policy requirements
  • Use historical data points to detect user behavioral patterns
  • Unify your content policies based on activity models built over time
Classify Your Information

Classify Your Content

Unique business requirements

  • Determine which files contain sensitive or confidential information
  • Identify content that needs to comply with industry standards such as PCI, HIPAA, and others
  • Detect key words and automatically associate tags to enable further actions
Visualize Your Information

Visualize Your Results

Dashboard across all of your systems

  • See the relevant information about all your content in one place
  • Take proactive action based on the real-time system events
  • Observe changes over time so you can understand trends and anomalies

Egnyte Content Intelligence powers Egnyte Connect and Egnyte Protect, our smart content collaboration and governance solutions.

Egnyte Connect screen

Smart Content Collaboration

Business happens everywhere.

  • Accelerate your business, simplifying collaboration with partners and customers
  • Increase productivity creating content from your favorite apps and devices
  • Maintain your customers’ privacy and your intellectual property
Egnyte Protect screen

Smart Content Governance

Gain control over your content.

  • Enforce compliance rules in partnership with business teams
  • Optimize your infrastructure costs with actionable content insights
  • Maximize your business exposure with real–time alerts
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