Device Control

Device Control

Manage Employee Devices and Mobile Data

Are you running VMware Server or Microsoft Hyper-V on your local storage system? Now you can access and share files on your local storage from anywhere with any device and without the need for a VPN or FTP setup. Simply deploy Egnyte Storage Sync as a Microsoft Hyper-V or VMWare virtual appliance, and you're ready to go. Egnyte combines the flexibility of the cloud with the high performance of on-premises storage.

The Device Control* feature provides an IT team with a centralized dashboard to control, monitor, and wipe corporate data on all employee devices.

These mobile data management features give enterprises comprehensive control over corporate data across the full range of end-user devices.

Device Control
Device Control Mobile Control

Mobile Passcode Lock

With Egnyte, enterprises can minimize security risks for lost or stolen mobile devices. Administrators can set mandatory passcode locks, requiring users to enter their 4-digit pin after login or idle. As an additional safety precaution, locally stored mobile files can be automatically wiped after a set number of incorrect passcode attempts.

Offline Access Controls

When dealing with confidential files that should never be stored on mobile devices, administrators can prevent downloads on mobile devices. By turning off local downloads, documents can only be viewed online, preventing offline access of sensitive data. Additionally, administrators can also control how often local files are deleted.

Remote Wipe

Keep corporate data out of unwanted hands. In case an employee device becomes lost or stolen, saved files can be instantly erased by the administrator or device owner. Administrators can initiate wipes from the device control panel, which provides a central view of all end-user devices. This level of visibility lets IT immediately take corrective actions for compromised employee devices.

Local Encryption

With Egnyte, all files are protected during transmission and at rest through government-grade 256-bit AES encryption. For customers looking for additional mobile security, local file encryption is available for smartphones and tablets. This provides complete end-point encryption, so even in the event of data leaks or device theft, corporate files are always encrypted.

How to Enable

Want to add Device Control? Just contact your account manager and they'll help you get set up right away.

* Feature available with the Advanced Security Package. For pricing and setup please contact your account manager.