Advanced Authentication

Advanced Authentication

Enhanced User Authentication at Every Access Point

The Advanced Authentication bundle* provides your Egnyte account with additional control and security over user login and password management. These optional features help companies adhere to a higher standard of business regulations and compliance.

Password Controls Screenshot
Password Policy Management

Password Policy Management

Add an extra layer of password protection against unwanted intrusion. Password Policy Management allows IT administrators to set mandatory employee password rotation and account lockout after failed logins. Mandatory password rotations greatly reduce exploitation of default and guessable employee credentials. Account lockout prevents brute force password attacks by immediately locking out the access point after multiple failed login attempts. Once set up, Administrators can monitor password change histories.

Two-step Login Verification

Two-step Login

Prevent account breach, even when user credentials are compromised. What happens when an employee's username and password are stolen? With Two-step Login Verification, administrators can require an extra login credential for the user authentication process. The additional login step requires the user to verify their identity through a phone call or text message, creating a double check for every authentication.

How to Enable

Want to add Advanced Authentication to your account? Just contact your account manager and they’ll help you get set up right away.

* Feature available with the Advanced Security Package. For pricing and setup please contact your account manager.