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Why Egnyte

From Content Chaos to Cohesion

Your files contain your most critical data, but, more than ever, they’re sprawled across disconnected systems, devices, locations, and apps. Egnyte enables you to gain visibility and control across a hybrid content stack while also improving employee experience and driving business advantage.

Information Governance

Locate valuable and sensitive data buried in company content

Locate Valuable and Sensitive Data

Control risks and automate compliance

Control Risks and Automate Compliance

Protect against internal and external security threats

Protect against Internal and External Threats

Employee Productivity

Access Files from any Device

Access most recent and relevant files from any device

Collaborate Seamlessly Online and Offline

Work faster and collaborate seamlessly, online and offline

Share Securely with Ease

Share securely with confidence and ease

Employee Productivity

What Is Egnyte

The New Standard for Content in a Work-from-Anywhere World

Egnyte is the only all-in-one platform that combines data-centric security and governance, AI for real-time and predictive insights, and the flexibility to connect with the content sources and applications your business users know and love - on any device, anywhere, without friction.

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How organizations use Egnyte

Turnkey Solutions to Empower
All Your Teams

Safeguard Information and Easily Apply Granular Policy Controls

Govern Smarter

Safeguard information and easily apply granular policy controls anywhere work happens.

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“With Egnyte, BuzzFeed was able to meet requirements for data governance, without disrupting content creation and workflow. Egnyte lets us be smarter about our content, which makes us smarter about our business.”

Jason Reich
Jason Reich
Director of Global Security
Simplify Remote Work with Seamless and Secure Document Access

Simplify Remote Work

Provide seamless, secure document access and sharing from any device, anywhere.

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“Egnyte allows colleagues to instantly access files on their tablets and mobiles. They’re not chained to their laptops and can work anywhere. At the same time, we don’t get any more requests for VPN access–which gives IT one less thing to manage or worry about.”

Robert Kuhn
Robert Kuhn
Director, IT Infrastructure and Security
Modernize IT File Systems and Reduce Administrative Costs and Complexity

Transform IT Spend

Modernize file systems and reduce administrative costs and complexity.

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“The benefits of Egnyte have touched our entire organization, from tremendous cost and time efficiencies, to creating a smarter workflow for multiple teams involved in a variety of complex projects.”

Thomas Volmer
Thomas Volmer
Director of IT

From One Platform, Egnyte Enables

Productivity with Secure Remote File Sharing and Access
  • Web, mobile, and desktop access
  • File and folder link expiry
  • Global file access policies
  • Secure, password protected links
  • Edge caching
  • External collaboration
  • Metadata-driven search
  • Mobile PDF annotation
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Content Governance, Compliance, Insider threat and Ransomware Detection
  • Multi-repository governance
  • Content safeguards
  • Content lifecycle management
  • Data subject access requests
  • Classification policies (for GDPR compliance, CCPA, HIPAA, etc.)
  • Custom keyword classification
  • Issue detection and alerting
  • Insider threat and ransomware detection
  • Breach reporting
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Integrations with Microsoft O365 and More Business and Industry Apps
  • Microsoft 365 integrations
  • Google Suite integrations
  • Public cloud integrations (AWS, G Cloud, Azure)
  • Business app integrations
  • Industry app integrations
  • Workflow automation
  • Developer APIs
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Advanced Security with AI-driven insights and Content Intelligence
  • Multi-repository visibility
  • AI-driven insights
  • Automated content intelligence
  • Audit reporting
  • Content lifecycle analytics
  • Content recommendations
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Centralized Administration with Granular permissioning
  • AD/LDAP integration
  • SSO & MFA
  • Multi-entity management
  • User/group management
  • Granular permissioning
  • Data archival, retention, and deletion
  • Device management
  • Remote wipes
  • Encryption key management
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