Third-party Cloud

Third-party Cloud

Access and share from any hosting solution

Already have data stored in public clouds? Thinking about taking advantage of dropping cloud storage prices? We understand that you need a combination of choice and control – choice of cloud storage providers or on-premises repositories, and control over where your data lives - on premises, in a third-party cloud, or a combination of both. Egnyte Connect integrates with third-party on-premises and cloud storage providers so you can choose the right mix of cloud and on-premises repositories without giving up the control you need.

Third Party Cloud Diagram
Third-Party Cloud Storage Providers: Amazon AWS , Google Cloud Storage, Microsoft Azure, NetApp Storage GRID, CenturyLink Object Storage, Oracle Storage Cloud, IBM Cleversafe, S3 Compatible Storage

Global Namespace — Controlling Your Data

Egnyte’s file services infrastructure is optimized for heterogeneous environments and built on a three-tier platform. Each tier allows Egnyte to optimize how data is handled, whether it’s the Sharing tier, Replication tier or Archive tier. With the addition of third-party cloud storage, Egnyte’s Sharing tier allows existing data structure stored in third-party clouds to become accessible by Egnyte users without replicating data or reconfiguring permissions. This creates a single global namespace for local storage and third-party cloud storage.