Business Continuity

Egnyte gives me peace of mind because I know our employees can access their files at all times, from any location. For MJM, neither local storage nor the cloud alone was enough. In case of a power outage, we needed a local plus cloud solution to keep our business running and our clients happy.

Cloud-only file sharing lets users easily access their files online. But what happens when Internet becomes unavailable or company bandwidth becomes constrained?

Relying on cloud-only infrastructure can be risky. When Internet bandwidth isn't 100%, file sharing performance isn't either. And with so many online office tools such as VOIP phone systems and web CRMs, accessing even the smallest files can take minutes. Not to mention random Internet spikes can halt office productivity altogether.

How Egnyte solves this use case

Egnyte is more than just cloud file sharing. Egnyte's unique Storage Sync solution combines the accessibility of the cloud with the performance and stability of on-prem storage. Employees in the office benefit from fast local file access, regardless of bandwidth constraints and Internet outages. Outside of the office, users can access the same files online, from any device. Best of all, IT has complete bandwidth control over file sharing and sync, ensuring other online office tools are never throttled.