Business Continuity With Egnyte For Those Impacted by Coronavirus

The COVID-19 virus (or coronavirus) is having an impact on businesses around the globe. Many companies have shut down workplaces, while others are implementing flexible working arrangements. Amid this fast-changing environment, IT leaders are pressed to balance productivity with the protection of their employees and partners.

A key part of business continuity is maintaining access to critical business content and collaboration processes, even when internet access may be limited or non-existent. With that in mind, here are a few resources from Egnyte that can help enable continuity in times of business disruption:

Remote working: For employees working remotely, Egnyte’s cloud-native content collaboration platform can provide secure access to their work through a simple, familiar experience, via web interface and/or drive-letter access options. With our hybrid capability, Egnyte can even sync seamlessly with on-prem file infrastructure, without having to set up or use a VPN.

Mobile access: When users aren’t near their work computers, they can still access and engage with content using Egnyte’s mobile app.

Offline access: Internet outages are common during emergencies, and when operating in remote, make-shift settings. Egnyte can ensure personnel maintains access to files, even when this occurs. You simply configure a local appliance, which caches data at the edge, and local users won’t lose connectivity to their documents on Egnyte. Once Internet access resumes, files are automatically synced back to the cloud.

Have additional questions? Visit the Egnyte Community for more resources and community discussions. There, Egnyte experts and users can respond to your questions around business continuity and how to most effectively leverage Egnyte features to ensure uninterrupted productivity.

Photo by Femke Ongena on Unsplash

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