Business Continuity

Business Continuity

Egnyte allows colleagues to instantly access files on their tablets and mobile devices. They're not chained to their laptops and can work anywhere. At the same time, we don't get any more requests for VPN access - which gives IT one less thing to manage or worry about.

Robert Kuhn
Director, IT Infrastructure & Security, Retrophin Inc.

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Without efficient, secure remote file access to mission-critical content - the documents, presentations, spreadsheets, photos, videos and other files that teams rely on to be productive - your business comes to a grinding halt.

While this presents a challenge even when employees are all in one location, with data on-premises, business continuity becomes exponentially more difficult when situations arise that require teams to work remotely - possibly for extended periods of time. Cumbersome VPNs, file-versioning concerns and security issues limit efficiency and, over time, negatively impact your business continuity and profitability. Reliable remote file storage is needed to maintain business continuity.

Connecting content - any time, anywhere

Overcoming work-from-anywhere, remote challenges requires an approach that combines traditional on-premises file storage coupled with cloud-based secure access so teams have the business content and files they when and where they need - without the hassle of connecting through a VPN.

That’s the Egnyte answer. Egnyte is more than just cloud file sharing software; our secure content services platform combines the accessibility of the cloud with the performance and stability of on-premises storage to make sharing files remotely and offline syncing easy. Employees in the office maintain fast local file access, regardless of bandwidth constraints and internet outages. Remote workers can securely access the same files online with the same version control as on premises with offline file sync, from any device, ensuring your business continuity.