Deployment Models

Optimizing File Server Investments

Enterprises have already made significant investments in file shares (NAS, SAN, DAS, and Windows file servers) to enable collaboration across teams, offices and partners. These file servers contain more than just a list of files. They include permissions, Access Control Lists (ACLs), and the folder structure of departmental and private shares.

This means that the security infrastructure, folder hierarchy, and business processes have been designed and optimized around the existing file server model. Egnyte helps enterprises extend the accessibility of those file servers with a flexible deployment model that bridges cloud and on-premises environments.

Cloud File Server

With Egnyte Cloud File Server, file servers can be ported to the cloud while preserving the folder hierarchy, permissions, user groups, original timestamps, etc. This gives enterprises all the benefits of the cloud (e.g., capacity elasticity, conversion of CAPEX to OPEX, and universal access from any device) while maintaining business process continuity, security, and a familiar user experience.

Hybrid File Server

Egnyte Storage Sync can synchronize on-premises file servers to the cloud. This allows users to maintain fast local access to files (especially in remote locations or when accessing large files) and have the ability to collaborate across sites, offices and firms through cloud synchronization. This allows IT departments to apply a universal access layer to a diverse array of storage environments deployed across the globe to boost productivity and prevent data silos.

On-Premises File Server

Egnyte Storage Connect can be used to enable secure access to on-premises file servers without a VPN via any device. This is ideal for enterprises that need to keep sensitive files on premises due to government or corporate regulations, but at the same time, need to give mobile access to remote users. For on-premises file servers with a large amount of data that carry significant cloud migration costs, Egnyte can be deployed within hours, giving users immediate universal access for streamlined collaboration.