Global Network Acceleration

Global Presence. Maximum Performance.

Are you running VMware Server or Microsoft Hyper-V on your local storage system? Now you can access and share files on your local storage from anywhere with any device and without the need for a VPN or FTP setup. Simply deploy Egnyte Storage Sync as a Microsoft Hyper-V or VMWare virtual appliance, and you're ready to go. Egnyte combines the flexibility of the cloud with the high performance of on-premises storage.

With global collaboration on the rise, Egnyte has seen an increased demand from enterprise customers to share and exchange files with their counterparts around the globe. At Egnyte, we’re continuously testing different ways to decrease data access time for our users.

Shared public networks are susceptible to various problems that include ISP throttling, inefficient routing, and congestion. Although many of these aspects are beyond our control on public networks, Egnyte has increased data delivery speeds to provide faster service to our customers.

In some geographical areas, file transfers can be extremely slow due to the physical location of the data center or due to regional policies. For example, a Brazilian customer that faces network issues for file transfers can overcome regional policies by subscribing to Egnyte’s POP centers. These centers offer the latest network technologies (i.e., compression and network deduplication) to circumvent network bandwidth constraints and enhance the transfer speeds for this branch office location.

Egnyte’s network POPs are located in the following areas: U.S. Central, U.S. East, U.S. West, EU, South America, and APAC. Egnyte is also partnered with several ISPs and data center providers to hook these network POPs to our source data centers with fast private links, thus eliminating common problems seen with long-distance public network routing.

Global Network Acceleration paired with Egnyte's cross-office sync capability enable access speeds in orders of magnitude faster than cloud-only solutions.