Storage Sync for NETGEAR ReadyNAS

Storage Sync for NETGEAR ReadyNAS

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Transform Your NETGEAR® ReadyNAS® into an enterprise file-sharing solution

Egnyte transforms your NETGEAR® ReadyNAS® into an enterprise file-sharing solution with powerful cloud-enabled collaboration capabilities. By deploying Storage Sync with your ReadyNAS, you can simplify cross-office collaboration by syncing folder structures, permissions and files between your ReadyNAS and other storage devices. Keep data secure at rest and in transit, and comply with privacy regulations. When you deploy the solution, you can start sharing files within minutes using Egnyte’s Active Directory (AD) migration tool.

Extend ReadyNAS

Extend ReadyNAS with Enterprise Cloud

Add enterprise-grade collaboration capabilities to your ReadyNAS. Local users can securely access files directly from a ReadyNAS device, while remote users can collaborate using the Egnyte cloud. Egnyte performs real-time, bi-directional syncing to ensure access to the most up-to-date files.

Cross-Office Collaboration

Enable Cross-Office Collaboration

Egnyte syncs files across the ReadyNAS and other storage devices (Windows Server, NetApp, EMC, Synology, etc.) to boost collaboration. Egnyte’s powerful file-versioning and granular-permissioning controls ensure users get the right access to the right content when they need it.

Automate Data Security

Automate Data Security and Compliance

Egnyte offers best in-class security using at-rest and in-transit 256-bit AES encryption. Administrators can monitor, control and manage access of business data from any computer or device. Egnyte also adheres to strict government and industry compliance and privacy regulations, including FINRA, HIPAA, EU Safe Harbor and many more.

Simplify Syncing of Files

Simplify Syncing of Files and Permissioning

Egnyte integrates with any AD/LDAP/SSO system, making it easy for IT to centrally manage users and permissions. Existing data can be easily ported to the cloud using Egnyte’s proprietary migration tools. Egnyte’s powerful AD migration tool can also migrate your company’s access controls to the cloud within minutes.