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Outdated file services are riddled with administrative complexity and encourage “shadow IT” to find workarounds. The result is unmanageable content sprawl, which creates a nightmare for IT leaders charged with maximizing the security and productivity of their organizations. But what if you could get all the benefits of on-premise file solutions in a turnkey, cloud-based delivery model, and provide a user experience that employees will actually enjoy? With Egnyte, you can.

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Simplify administration

Egnyte’s flexible, turnkey solution provides rapid time to value. No more specialized consultants and administrators needed. IT staff can be redeployed from low-value to high-value activities that drive growth and differentiation.

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Declutter your architecture

Retire redundant and outdated file services, including Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) applications. Egnyte’s API connects to legacy repositories and appliances so you can modernize incrementally at your own pace.

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Gain peace of mind

Get visibility into all your company’s content through a single view. Rest easy with scalable, customizable AI that monitors and enforces policies 24/7/365. Get alerted of unusual user behaviors and content that’s duplicative or ready for archival. Easily rollback to earlier versions of files if needed.

Cut costs and break down data silos with a unified, turnkey solution

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The hard stuff is the stuff that Egnyte does. The stuff that links you back to your corporate infrastructure, makes use of resources you already have, and lets you control what you need to control.

Mike Mason Global Infrastructure Tech Lead, Les Mills

Reduce legacy hardware and software costs

Move away from underutilized and expensive ECM and EFSS solutions that may already be nearing end of life. Lower costs, time, resources and effort associated with disjointed infrastructure using a solution that supports hybrid scenarios while reining in content sprawl, right out of the box.

Reduce legacy hardware and software costs
Consolidate one-off solutions

Consolidate one-off solutions

Imagine the end of trying to make point solutions like VPNs, data classification, security and compliance, disaster recovery and backup services all work together. Use a single platform to do all of the above, plus more—with built-in AI and machine learning, flexible architecture, and a robust set of content services, simplify complex technology stacks and eliminate unnecessary management costs.

Break down data silos

Struggling with corporate content that’s increasingly stored in disparate places, across multiple repositories, personal drives, and even email? Curb content sprawl with a centralized platform to connect files across users, through apps to devices. Robust insights, analytics, reporting, safeguards and content lifecycle management capabilities help take power back from shadow IT.

Break down data silos

Egnyte allows our company to loosen the reins to the data center world, and eliminate the need to buy hardware in the future. As you add in the tremendous time savings Egnyte has created through efficient file storage processes, this solution is an instrumental part of our enterprise operations.

Glen Holroyd
Director of IT, Kona Grill

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More Capabilities

Edge caching

All the benefits of a cloud-first approach with the option to cache your most frequently accessed files locally for higher performance.

Bundled disaster recovery

Automatic backups, file versioning, and permission replication to ensure peace of mind in case of business disruption.

ML-fueled compliance

Spend less time on compliance with intelligent content safeguards, customizable policies, and data classification.

Public cloud compatibility

Utilize public cloud storage - AWS, Azure and Google Cloud - while still reaping the benefits of a centralized platform.

Centralized archival, retention, and trash

Effortlessly comply with company, industry, and legal regulations around content archival, retention, and deletion.

Robust platform and developer tools

120+ integrations with popular industry-specific tools, or build custom workflows with robust APIs.

Boost IT and business productivity with Egnyte

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