Eliminate Cost & Complexity


Save On Hardware, Software and Administrative Overhead

Complex, outdated content solutions create an unnecessary cost burden on your business. Gain all the benefits of on-premises file systems in a cloud-based delivery model, without the overhead.

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Eliminate legacy file systems

Eliminate legacy file systems

Retire redundant legacy file systems and underutilized Enterprise Content Management (ECM) repositories. Drastically cut costs related to server licenses, maintenance, archival, and the servers themselves by implementing a secure cloud or hybrid solution instead.

Cut hardware and software overhead

Lower hardware and software overhead

Eliminate the need for third party classification and compliance tools. Significantly reduce expenses related to costly backup and disaster recovery services using Egnyte’s bundled backup services and automatic file versioning. Get rid of bulky, outdated VPN software.

Reduce administration and management costs

Reduce administration and management costs

Even if your organization is only using a fraction of a file or ECM system’s services, it must still manage the platform as a whole and incur the costs associated with doing so. Use Egnyte to cut specialized consulting, implementation, administration, and ongoing development costs related to outdated, cobbled together infrastructure. 

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Remote Working eBook

Remote Working eBook

Enable remote workers with secure access to business files and content repositories, all without disruption.

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File Server Replacement eBook

File Server Replacement eBook

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The Hard Cost of Data Breaches

The Hard Costs of Data Breaches

The Egnyte team analyzed data from over 15,000 businesses to determine the hard costs of a data breach.

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