Egnyte Archive

Maintain peak performance, reduce costs and enjoy peace of mind.

Archive content, without losing access.

Keep everything optimized using a business-grade archive domain. Organize data, enforce retention settings, comply with Legal Hold regulations, prevent unwanted file overwrites, and eliminate costly backup services - all through Egnyte Archive.

Reduce costs

Egnyte Archive opens up space in active domains by removing inactive content to more cost-effective storage. It also removes file server costs like hardware maintenance, antivirus, backups, and disaster recovery services.

Maintain access

Archive content in a click and use the same login, access permissions, and contextual search capabilities to retrieve it. Completed projects also remain accessible in the cloud with full access and control for admins.

Retain visibility

An Egnyte Archive domain provides total content visibility, including audit trails for every action (login, permission changes, issue actions, and file movement). Egnyte Archive also supports real-time alerts when sensitive content is at risk of exposure.