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Egnyte Key ManagementTM Gives Enterprises Control Over Privacy and Security

Provides key management across the widest range of cloud, hybrid and on-premises storage deployments.

Mountain View, Calif. – March 1, 2016

Egnyte, the market leader in Adaptive Enterprise File Services today announced Egnyte Key Management, an industry leading, enterprise-grade data encryption solution designed to provide organizations with the broadest offering of choices for both privacy and security. With this offering Egnyte is now the only company to offer full end-to-end encryption. The solution allows customers to store encryption keys on-premises or on the Egnyte, Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure clouds.

“There is immense variation in the sensitivity of information within an enterprise. For ultra-sensitive content, enterprises require end-to-end control where it is virtually impossible for anyone unauthorized to get access to that information. Maintaining full control over encryption keys is one of the ways to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data,” says Chandana Gopal, Research Manager at IDC. “Enterprise File Sync and Share services have begun to offer encrypted key management to customers that demand end-to-end control over ultra-sensitive content. However, it is important to work with a solution that offers granular controls and the flexibility to apply encrypted key management selectively to ultra-sensitive content and not force customers to adopt an all-or-nothing approach.”

The most choice for industry-leading end-to-end encryption
As companies continue to move data to the cloud, it exposes them to potential security lapses, malicious intrusion and subpoena requests by governments. Recognizing this problem, Egnyte took steps several years ago to build a European data center to protect customer data and create a bulwark against intrusion and legal requests. Egnyte Key Management goes a step further, providing full-control, end-to-end encryption key management control options ranging from those managed by Egnyte on behalf of a customer to those exclusively owned and controlled by the customer, including:

Egnyte-managed: Egnyte enables key management through a trusted cloud using industry-recognized best practices for security and encryption.

Customer-managed: Egnyte enables key management in the cloud via Microsoft Azure Key Vault, Amazon Cloud HSM or with an on-premise KMIP-compatible HSM such as SafeNet.

“Our customers do not want to choose between encryption and collaboration – they want to do both,” said Kris Lahiri, chief security officer at Egnyte. “They need to control, monitor and secure content as it moves within and outside of their organization and allow employees to work together regardless of where they are or what type of device they are using. As more organizations want to increase control over encryption keys, Egnyte Key Management is the only solution that will enable collaboration at the most secure levels.”


Egnyte Key Management will be available on April 3rd as part of the advanced security package included in the Egnyte Enterprise subscription. For more information, go to Egnyte Key Management.


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