Enabling Collaboration on Amazon AWS

Simple and secure collaboration built in

Business apps are becoming more sophisticated

In areas like gene sequencing and clinical trials, there are huge increases in content creation and the processing required to support it. AWS is often chosen as the cloud solution, but when combined with Egnyte, businesses get better scale, performance, collaboration and economics.

Turn Amazon WorkSpaces into collaborative work spaces

Virtual desktops are popular for user access because of easy IT administration and cost improvements. However, this also means that users lose their native desktop experience. Egnyte and AWS allows employees and non-employees to collaborate while still having a native desktop experience. Additionally, users have access to mobile and web applications, and integrations with productivity tools like Microsoft Office, DocuSign, Benchling, Rspace, Tetrascienc, and Salesforce.

Collaboration-enabled cloud computing

Many businesses have turned to AWS to address the huge storage and compute requirements that come with data collection and analysis. The challenge becomes what to do with the output once it’s processed. With the Egnyte and AWS integration, the post-processed content can automatically sync from Amazon to Egnyte where it can be easily and securely shared with others.

Comply with strict corporate backup requirements

In order to ensure complete redundancy, some businesses want cloud content backed up to a second provider. To meet this requirement, Egnyte developed a small virtualized application that can be placed in AWS and will synchronize content stored in Egnyte back to AWS.

Reduce financial impact without impacting functionality

The explosion of content being created means businesses are looking for ways to improve the economics of storing completed projects without impacting access later. Egnyte provides a seamless way to archive completed projects into lower-cost AWS S3 storage, but with the same security, control, and user experience as an active domain.

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