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Office Local Cloud

File Sync for Small Offices

Transform the NETGEAR ReadyNAS into a Hybrid Cloud File Server

Egnyte's Office Local Cloud provides teams with one centralized local access point for all files, just like a file server. Office Local Cloud is deployed on NETGEAR ReadyNAS and synchronizes files between the NAS (network-attached storage) device and the cloud file server. Files can be accessed locally even while offline, or remotely using any computer or mobile device. Bi-directional synchronization also enables file replication across multiple NAS devices as well as in the cloud, enabling multiple offices to work off a single set of files. Traditional back-up solutions can be eliminated, using the cloud as redundant storage for file backup. In the event of data loss, the most recent copies of all files are stored in the cloud, available for recovery.

File Access

Egnyte hybrid cloud technology synchronizes files between the NETGEAR ReadyNAS and Egnyte Cloud File Server, enabling fast local access through the LAN or remote access through the cloud. Users can access files remotely using web browser, map drive, or FTP from any laptop. Local storage files can also be easily accessed from any smartphone or tablet outside the firewall using the Egnyte mobile app.

Cross-office Collaboration

Office Local Cloud can be installed on multiple ReadyNAS devices across multiple offices; all connected to the central Egnyte Cloud File Server. Distributed businesses no longer need to set up and maintain costly cross-office file replication. Employees in the distributed offices can collaborate together as if they are in a single location. With Egnyte's powerful versioning capability, when files are edited locally, new versions of the files are created online ensuring that no collaboration efforts are lost.

Permission Controls

Folder and sub-folder permissions are always enforced across Office Local Cloud on ReadyNAS and Egnyte Cloud File Server. Users can only view and edit files where they have been granted permission. Egnyte supports full Active Directory integration for Office Local Cloud on ReadyNAS, simplifying user management and maintaining a central source for defining and managing users. Egnyte also provides robust audit reporting to monitor usage and access permissions across all users.

Secure File Backup

Office Local Cloud replicates all files on the ReadyNAS with the cloud file server, providing data redundancy. Egnyte's servers are hosted on SSAE 16 compliant data centers. All data is encrypted during transmission and at rest. Egnyte's data redundancy architecture ensures that multiple copies of files are always available to protect against hardware failures.