Unified User Experience

Many businesses are facing the challenges of moving content to the cloud. On one hand, the cloud provides convenience and easy access, while on the other, not every file can be in the cloud due to sensitivity concerns and regulatory compliances. Ultimately, moving to the cloud is yet another system to maintain, with policies to create, and regulations to enforce.

We provide a complete administrative toolkit to manage access rights and ensure the integrity of all your corporate data. We integrate seamlessly with existing infrastructure (including corporate directory services) to bring centralized control and visibility.

See Everything

Total visibility from a single, integrated portal

  • Secure company files and folders using a shared folder structure,
  • Manage data across multiple domains in a single, easy-to-use interface
  • View every file stored in the cloud, on premises, or both
Manage Everything

Complete control at your fingertips

Empower Everyone

Focus on strategic IT activities

  • Empower users to collaborate using native integrations with Google Apps, Salesforce, Outlook, and others
  • Empower business teams to self-administer file, folder, and user permissions
  • Empower IT to automate processes with APIs and bulk user actions