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Egnyte for Google Apps

Enhance Collaboration and Productivity for Google users

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Users love the real-time collaboration offered by Google Apps and the private folder capabilities from Google Drive. But how could it be expanded to highly confidential content that cannot be in the cloud? Could we accommodate collaboration between Google and non-Google users? Absolutely.

The powerful combination of Egnyte and Google enables users to quickly and easily work from their productivity application and collaborate with each other, even non-Google users. Egnyte adds advanced security and hybrid cloud capabilities to Google Apps expanding it to content stored on-premises. So IT can embrace Shadow IT, protect corporate data and leverage past infrastructure investments while optimizing the overall performance and user experience.

Expand Your Collaboration

Egnyte for Google Apps integrates with existing workflows and applications so you can keep using the same devices and productivity tools. Using the Egnyte Shared folders allows you to share content with internal colleagues and external partners more easily, securely, and with better control. Plus, it bridges the gap between Google and non-Google users to facilitate collaboration.

  • Collaborate with Google and non-Google users using a single content platform
  • Securely share your work in a click with your entire company using shared folders
  • Create, edit, and share Google docs from within your Egnyte app
  • Access your Google Drive from within Egnyte
Real-Time Collaboration with Google and non-Google users
Egnyte for Google Apps with Hybrid Deployment

Optimal Performance with Hybrid Deployment

With an Egnyte Hybrid deployment, you can bring the cloud-sharing agility of Google Apps to files stored on-premises. This approach not only protects your past infrastructure investment, but it also enables tighter control and enhanced security. At the same time, it provides users higher performance, and business continuity by always having a copy available on-premises storage or in the cloud.

  • Integrate with existing on-premises storage
  • Enable fast, on-site access to large files and reduce bandwidth costs
  • Always access your files even when the Internet is down
  • Protect against storage appliance failures
  • Offer mobile access to files regardless of where they are stored

Enhanced Security

Egnyte for Google Apps adds visibility and advanced controls to Google documents so you can protect corporate information and privacy of sensitive customer data. With a single portal, Egnyte provides the tools to enforce compliance regulations, maintain file security even on mobile devices, set user access control limits, and much more. When combined with Google Apps, Egnyte can provide the highest security capabilities for your business.

  • Monitor all activities via a central dashboard
  • Access Smart Reporting and Auditing for compliance
  • Allow remote content wipe (MDM) capabilities in the case of device loss or theft
  • Limit access to preview-only with no download
Egnyte for Google Apps with Enhanced Security for Your Business
Egnyte for Google Apps with Simplified Administration

Simplified Administration

With Egnyte for Google Apps, you can minimize the time you spend administering the system without impacting functionality, security, or user experience. This unified portal lets you control cloud, on-premises, and hybrid deployments without having to jump between systems. You can even empower key people within the line-of-business to manage the users closest to them, while providing better service and freeing up your time.

  • Centrally manage heterogeneous hybrid storage environments
  • Eliminate complex VPN infrastructure at remote sites
  • Offer role-based delegation to line-of-business administrators
  • Automate provisioning and de-provisioning of users