Unified, Simple, Fast file sharing experience for Business Users

Empower teams, minimize disruption and reduce the risk of private data being accessed (or shared) with consumer-grade apps. Egnyte integrates seamlessly with popular applications, enabling a smooth adoption for both internal and remote users; while always ensuring valuable files remain protected.

Unified Workflow with Productivity Apps

Unified workflow across applications

  • Continue using popular apps, including Google Apps, Salesforce, Microsoft Office, and others
  • Integrate with eSignature, project management, and other workflow apps
  • Improve security and user experience with Single Sign-On providers
Fast, Secure access from inside or outside of the office

Boost productivity with fast access

  • Enhanced performance for accessing files from inside or outside of the office
  • Enable collaboration across dispersed teams leveraging different applications
  • Provide a consistent user experience for files stored in the cloud, on premises or both.
View and Share files from anywhere, anytime

Seamless experience across devices

  • View and share files from your desktop or any mobile device
  • Edit documents on your PC or Mac, even when you are offline
  • Access and edit your files at any time and from anywhere through your Web browser
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