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Unified User Experience

Secure Collaboration With a Click

Unified, Simple, Fast file sharing experience for Business Users

Providing your teams with a simple and elegant file-sharing experience to easily share content (both inside and outside of your company) minimizes business disruption and avoids users from using rogue, unauthorized consumer-grade apps that may be risky to your intellectual property.

Egnyte natively integrates with your preferred productivity applications, encouraging rapid adoption from both internal and external users and ensuring your business’ data is secure and protected.

Unified Workflow with Productivity Apps

Unified Workflow Across Applications

Continue working the way you choose with enhanced efficiency

  • Integrate with productivity apps, including Google Apps, Salesforce, Microsoft Office, and others
  • Integrate with eSignature, project management, and other workflow apps
  • Improve security and user experience with Single Sign-On providers
Fast, Secure access from inside or outside of the office

Simple, Secure Files Access

Boost productivity with fast, secure access

  • Provide enhanced performance for accessing files from inside or outside of the office
  • Enable collaboration across dispersed teams who may be leveraging different applications
  • Provide a consistent user experience for files stored in the cloud, on premises or both.
View and Share files from anywhere, anytime

Seamless Experience Across Devices

Use your favorite devices inside or outside of the office

  • View and share files from your desktop or any mobile device
  • Edit documents on your PC or Mac, even when you are offline
  • Access and edit your files at any time and from anywhere through your Web browser
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