Data Governance for M365, SharePoint & Teams

Access, gain insight into, and control content across M365 and beyond.

Data Governance for Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint

Reduce the Complexity of Multiple Tools
and the Ensuing Data Silos

Egnyte provides comprehensive data governance, security, and compliance
capabilities for a simpler, easier way to get the most value out of M365,
SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive and beyond.

Curb Sprawl Across Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive

Curb Sprawl Across Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive

Grant IT visibility and control over business content, no matter where it lives in your Microsoft ecosystem.

Data Classification patterns to find, classify, track, and comply

Reduce Manual Work with AI-Driven Compliance Support

Hundreds of classification patterns to find, classify, track, and comply with regulations around the world.

Reduce Risk with Built-In Threat Detection

Reduce Risk with Built-In Threat Detection

ML-supported risk scoring and issue detection finds threats like unusual user behavior, overexposed files and more.

Supporting Teams Running on Microsoft

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Data Governance, Security, Compliance and More

Control content sprawl.

Curb inevitable content sprawl across Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive. Maximize flexibility and control with Egnyte plus M365. IT gets real-time visibility into all content, existence of sensitive data, file sharing and access, while users retain freedom to work the way they want—in the application they need.

Curb content sprawl across Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive

Secure Sensitive Content

Automatically discover, classify and create policies for sensitive, redundant, or obsolete data across Windows File Server, SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, and beyond. Get alerted of unusual or out-of-policy file access or sharing. Unlike third party tools or add-ons, Egnyte works right out of the box.

Secure Sensitive Content

Ensure Compliance

Machine learning-based content classification captures sensitive data like PII and PHI for regulations like GDPR, CCPA, GxP and more across over 50 jurisdictions around the world. Create global policies for retention and archival. Automatically generate compliance reports.

Captures sensitive data like PII and PHI

Boost User Productivity

Egnyte continuously syncs to a centralized cloud repository so users can always access the latest version. No more time lost searching for the most recent version of a file. Users have one intuitive, drive-letter interface to find and access all of their content from any application, on any device.

Continuously sync to a centralized cloud repository

Maximize Public Cloud

Automate file and folder transfer to a low-cost Azure repository without impacting data governance, usability or visibility. Access advanced data-processing services like Microsoft Cognitive Services. Create remote desktop environments without needing additional desktop as a service solutions.

Automate Business Processes

Support content governance workflows across M365, Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive and more. Automate and scale global policies for archival, retention, and deletion. Streamline business processes or scheduled automations with an integration to Microsoft Power Automate.

Schedule a customized M365 governance assessment today.

Do you have a handle on all the content that flows through your organization in M365? Our complimentary assessment gives you real, deep insight into any vulnerabilities that lie with your content. Visibility into where your sensitive data lies. And concrete steps to address any issues, like:

Locations of sensitive data like PII, HIPAA, PCI,and & more

Overexposed files, unusual permissions and access issues

Overexposed files, unusual permissions and access issues

Security concerns such as compromised accounts or ransomware threats

Security concerns such as compromised accounts or ransomware threats

Featured Integrations

Microsoft Teams

Have a single access point for business content, right within the Teams interface. Preview, edit, and share relevant project folders or files with anyone, even non-Teams users.


Easily access and collaborate on content right from within SharePoint Online. Share Egnyte links with collaborators, manage content, and kickstart document workflows.

Microsoft OneDrive

Have centralized visibility and control over files at all stages of the data lifecycle within Microsoft OneDrive. Find, protect and manage sensitive data.

Microsoft Office Online

Launch Office documents stored within Egnyte directly from Microsoft Office Online. Once open, any changes made are automatically saved back to Egnyte.

Microsoft Azure

Leverage Azure as a repository without sacrificing governance, usability, or visibility into files. Egnyte supports hybrid file sharing and syncing and governs data stored in Azure.

Microsoft Power Automate

Create, automate, and customize workflows and tasks across 220+ applications and services, using over 25 different actions. No developer needed.

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Data-Centric Security by G2

From a Single Platform, Egnyte Enables

From a Single Platform, Egnyte Enables Governance for MS O365, SharePoint and Teams

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