Four Steps To Modernizing Your Data Infrastructure

How much is your data worth? (You don't want to find out the hard way.) Research shows the costs of a data breach. Find out how much you can lose—or in this case, save.

The Hard Cost of Data Breaches

Researching and analyzing data from over 15,000 businesses, our team of data scientists has determined the hard costs of a data breach. Find out what a breach would cost your organization.

SMBs More Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

Large company data breaches make the news every time, but we rarely hear about SMB breaches. Hackers are increasingly targeting SMBs as a means to compromise enterprises. Find out what you can do.

The Future is Hybrid

Egnyte's team of data scientists analyzed over 14 petabytes of data to find out why more than 82% of businesses are utilizing hybrid infrastructure today and why that number is only going to...

The Rise of Insider Threats

43% of data leaks come from insider threats like employees, contractors, and partners. Insider breaches can occur any time and be fatal to your business...

Maximize Your Content Security

It’s becoming more difficult to keep your content secure, and the cost of data breaches continues to grow. As hackers get smarter, businesses also need to get smarter...

How well do you know your employees?

One of the most valuable business assets a company has today is its data. The problem is that most companies don’t know how to structure their information...

Construction & the New Tech Tool Belt

The most successful construction companies in the world embrace tech innovation. We looked at the data from our 10 largest construction customers and here’s what we learned.

Secure File Sharing

Not waiting for IT to adopt services? This is a common problem that can have far-reaching consequences. Find out how to start embracing, not fearing, Shadow IT and empowering users to securely access...

File Sharing for Construction & Engineering

Learn how the top 2000 Construction companies are managing, sharing and accessing files. See how companies are going green, staying connected (even when there is no Internet connection)...

Hybrid Online File Sharing

See how a hybrid approach to file sharing, which allows IT to leverage the benefits of the cloud, while retaining control over sensitive data on premises, may be the best approach for you.