Maintaining compliance standards while keeping security consistent are core requirements for today’s enterprises. Egnyte’s Smart Reporting and Auditing delivers full visibility and control over content, users, devices, permissions and a whole lot more. It’s why we’re the trusted solution in highly regulated industries like Financial, Tech and Healthcare; and enterprises facing legal regulations, like the GDPR.

Intelligent Dashboard with System-Wide Analytics

A single dashboard of system-wide analytics

  • Design your policies based on evolving user behaviors and content consumption
  • Identify popular devices and applications among your users to optimize rollout
  • Optimize your WAN by selecting the right data residency based on access location
Corporate and Regulatory Compliance Standards

Ensure regulatory and corporate compliance

  • Control where your data resides — in the cloud, on premises, or both
  • Spot abnormal behavior and proactively prevent costly breaches with ease
  • Simply disable accounts and shared files when employees leave the company
File System with Permissions Reporting

Keep your system in optimal shape

  • Guarantee intellectual property is protected with permissions reporting
  • Identify old or outdated files and archive them securely
  • Ensure content is always in its ideal location (from a cost and performance perspective)

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