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Smart Reporting and Auditing

Intelligence, Compliance and Control

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Maintaining corporate and regulatory compliance standards, ensuring the highest level of security (both on and off premises), and keeping consistent authorization, authentication and encryption are some of the core requirements for today’s enterprises.

Egnyte Smart Reporting and Auditing service gives you full visibility and control over all of your content, users, devices, permissions and more. As a result, Egnyte has been the solution of choice for thousands of customers in highly regulated industries, such as Financial Services and Healthcare, and in the most stringent regulatory environments, such as the European Union.

Intelligent Dashboard with System-Wide Analytics

Obtain Actionable Intelligence

A comprehensive dashboard of system-wide analytics

  • Design your policies based on evolving user behaviors and content consumption
  • Identify popular devices and applications among your users to optimize rollout
  • Optimize your WAN by selecting the right data residency based on access location
Corporate and Regulatory Compliance Standards

Ensure Regulatory and Corporate Compliance

Tools to control and enforce your policies

  • Control where your data resides — in the cloud, on premises or both
  • Spot abnormal behavior and proactively prevent costly breaches with comprehensive audit reports
  • Easily disable accounts and shared files when users leave the company
File System with Permissions Reporting

Infrastructure optimization for cost reduction

Keep your system in optimal shape

  • Guarantee that your intellectual property is protected with permissions reporting
  • Identify your old or outdated files and archive them if needed
  • Ensure that your content is always at the best location from a cost and performance perspective