Project Collaboration

Project Collaboration

Email is the most widely deployed collaboration tool in the market. Companies of all sizes use email for collaboration for its simplicity and accessibility.

However, email stops being a great collaboration tool when files are introduced into the file sharing process. Most files today exceed file size limitations provided by most email systems. Collaboration through email attachments also clutter mail servers, which forces costly storage upgrades and maintenances. Most importantly, there are often multiple versions of the file being worked on by different users, which derails the collaborative process as projects grow in scope.

Collaborating through web  links and shared folders

How Egnyte solves this use case

Egnyte empowers emails to be a great collaboration tool - without the need for file attachments. Collaborating through web links and shared folders eliminates file size constraints and ensures all collaborators are working on the same version of the documents. Users can be instantly added or removed from project folders and can only access files they have permissions to.

Egnyte was a key piece of our paperless document management process. Their technology provided us the speed, security and access we needed on this $800 million renovation.

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