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Egnyte for PlanGrid

Build with Confidence


PlanGrid is a mobile document management solution designed for use in the field. By working off of one master set that contains all notes, photos, RFIs, and issues, users have real time access to the most up-to-date project data, so no one is ever building off of outdated information.

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how plangrid works with egnyte

How It Works

The integration between PlanGrid and Egnyte lets users upload project plans directly from Egnyte to PlanGrid, as well as export plans, attachments, photos, and RFIs to Egnyte at the end of a project. The combined solution between PlanGrid and Egnyte allows users to create a digital archive of project as-builts that can be shared with owners and facilities management.

Egnyte for PlanGrid Benefits

Efficient file transfers between platforms

  • Option to upload all project documents direct from Egnyte
  • Easy file sharing at any point in the project
  • Exportable asbuilts download directly to Egnyte

Transparency and document access

  • Digital archive allows better project insights
  • Users without PlanGrid accounts have access to important project documents


Egnyte Partner Datasheet

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